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T-ROC CULTURE Christmas Wars

For 2019 we decided to go ALL OUT with our Christmas Wars at the T-ROC HQ! Not one single part of the office remained untouched.

T-ROC CULTURE The Monster Cockroach Prank

Watch out Juan, the joke is on you. No to mention the five-foot inflatable cockroach! What do you do when your fellow T-ROCer has a little bug phobia? You pull a big prank!

T-ROC CULTURE Work Hard. Have Fun. Go Far.

You don’t need words to appreciate T-ROC culture (though a good backbeat sure helps!). See our team members being anything but shy in this video compilation.

T-ROC CULTURE Lovin’ Our Company Swag!

Check out our People Attraction Team as they model the latest and greatest in T-ROC gear! If you like what you see, visit our swag shop at

T-ROC CULTURE T-ROC Recruitment: Here’s Looking At Your Career!

Did we mention that one of our core values is not taking ourselves too seriously? It’s pretty evident in this spoof of the Hollywood classic, Casablanca.

T-ROC STORIES Retail Operations Management by T-ROC

Taking Online Success Into Brick-And-Mortar Retail. We’re living in a Retail 4.0 age and Chris Green, VP of Business Development at T-ROC, sheds some light on companies taking their e-commerce success into the brick-and-mortar space.

T-ROC STORIES LTM Employee Spotlight – Sean Thompson, Xfinity Market Manager

Sean has the right attitude for a successful T-ROC future. He sums it up like this, “We’re all about having fun and being yourself … do that and everything else takes care of itself.” Sean also points out that he’s living proof T-ROC is a company where attitude and effort are all you need to get started building a great future.

T-ROC STORIES LTM Employee Spotlight – Hailey Avery, Retail Sales Lead

Hailey talks about her day on the job and how it gives her the chance to be both a hands-on sales associate and a team leader and motivator. Get some insight into what it takes to deliver a great customer experience, as well as the personal and professional rewards being great at the job, can mean for your future.

T-ROC STORIES MSO Spotlight: Yessenia Castro

A day in the life Yessenia Castro, Sales Lead for Mobile Store Operators! "Some places where you work you can't be yourself you have to pretend to be someone you're not an order to succeed, but here you can be yourself and everyone is okay with it. They dont judge you by your looks, tattoos or piercings" For more information, please visit our job site:

T-ROC STORIES MSO Spotlight: Coleman Crooks

A day in the life of Coleman Crooks, National Training Manager for Mobile Store Operators! "I've never worked for a company that puts so much focus and support into growing the organization, we treat everyone like family, we give everyone support and we help you become a next generation leader." For more information, please visit our job site:

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PODCAST IPT Podcast: Episode 3 w/ Brett Beveridge – The Beginning of VIBA

None of us could have predicted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, at T-ROC, we’re already getting ready for a new normal we saw coming in retail with a technology called VIBA, Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador.

PODCAST IPT Podcast Episode 5 with Mike Graen: Big Changes Driving Retail

IPT’s Chris Green asks retail tech expert, Mike Graen to give his take on the industry. Get an insider’s insight into big changes, industry disruptions, and consumer behavior all in under two minutes.

PODCAST IPT Podcast: Episode 6 – “It Wasn’t That Long Ago”

In this short clip from the IPT Podcast, Lou Kindschuh from T-ROC Team Minneapolis, talks about the answers he got in 2011 when he asked a focus group what they wanted technology to do in their lives. Let’s just say, “it’s amazing how far and fast tech has come!”

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