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  • Are sales and revenue channels integrated?
  • Are operations on the same page?
  • Are people and technology pulling in one direction?

Find out how we engineer solutions that work together to drive performance and prepare you for whatever is coming down the road.

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We drive sales for Fortune 100 companies the same way we do in our own stores

T-ROC is the only Third Party Labor that owns and operates hundreds of retail locations. No one else puts their solutions to the test like we do – in our stores with our success on the line. It’s skin in the game our clients appreciate.


Accelerating performance by addressing every possibility.

T‑ROC solutions leverage a depth of services and expertise to accelerate sales, grow brand recognition, and win market share growth versus the competition. We provide advanced digital solutions with real-time data and insight into the lifecycle of your business. T‑ROC delivers measurable sales growth and ROI from the moment we become your partner.

customer interactions
monitor door swings
Real-time Activity
Real-time Activity
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The virtual platform that connects with your customers anywhere, any time.

VIBA is the first omnichannel engagement solution that turns stores, phones, computers, tablets, signage, billboards, displays and any other medium you can imagine into a 24/7/365 sales force. You’ve never seen anything like it. Your customers have never experienced anything like it.

connect anywhere, anytime
connect anywhere, anytime
virtual engagement
virtual engagement
data & insights
data & insights

Our clients say it best

Stephanie Hunter
Navico Group
I have confidence that the T‑ROC team will make sure our program moves forward and evolves.
See the video
Trend Micro
Retail Execution and Development Manager
T‑ROC has the highest standards when it comes to hiring quality candidates. They know how we want to be represented.
Superior Communications
Director of Brand Engagement & Support
T‑ROC is always willing and able to accommodate our ever‑changing needs with quality field representation.
National Director of Sales
TCL has been very impressed with the level of innovation and creativity they bring to the table. T‑ROC rocks!
Johnny Dvorak
Epson USA
We love the culture and everything that they’re able to provide is really going to change the way that we do business.

Our SolutionsDrive sales with a system of solutions engineered to integrate
improve every area of your business.

People Solutions

People SolutionsNothing will ever do more for your business than great people.

The sales floor, back-of-house, field teams, reset crews, brand ambassadors – scale instantly with a vetted workforce that’s ready when and where you need it.
Technology Solutions

Technology SolutionsThe crazy pace of technology requires a calculated revenue strategy

The dizzying number of advancements coming to market run the gamut from robots to RFID to real-time sales and engagement tools. The question is what’ll work best for you?
Digital Data & Insights

Digital Data and InsightsOptimal sales and revenue outcomes are built on reliable intelligence

Digital data is king and it’s not all about quantity. You need to isolate the right data, distill it, understand it, and leverage it to make informed business decisions.
Consumer Insights

Consumer InsightsIt’s time to experience your brand and business just like a customer

The best way to better serve your customers is to understand exactly how they relate to your brand, what they expect from it, and how they experience it when they shop.
Omnichannel Operations

Omnichannel OperationsSelling is now a be everywhere, go everywhere, do everything business

No matter what you’re selling, one of the biggest challenges is integrating and managing operations effectively across all channels. Let us show you how to build a seamless, end-to-end sales and service solution.

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