Field Teams

Track sales and compliance with real-time visibility.

Proper merchandising, marketing, and pricing are critical to brick-and-mortar sales. Our trained field teams use proprietary data capture solutions to give you a front-row seat into your stores or showrooms, ensuring brand standards are kept and measuring KPIs with real-time accuracy. You see everything with exacting detail, which leads to more informed business decisions.

Your eyes and ears in the field.

T-ROC field teams provide instant insight into your environments. Is merchandising compliant? Are promotions in place? Are items priced correctly? Is the store clean or cluttered? What’s selling and what’s not? Data is captured instantly with full-color photos to back it up and then drilled down into digital reports that can be accessed by management in real time.

The lens of a customer

Field teams allow you to experience stores just like a customer, so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Sales and compliance

Track sales with pinpoint accuracy. Ensure merchandising and pricing compliance. Make adjustments on the fly based on actionable data.

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Trained & Tracked

Field work is pointless unless the data you capture is relevant, timely and accurate. Our teams undergo extensive training in optimizing our proprietary data capture solutions to bring you the right insights. Automated scheduling, task management, and GPS-tracking ensure your environments are visited when they’re supposed to be visited. No sooner. No later.

Set Your Own KPIs

Field teams are tasked with capturing and compiling data based on key performance indicators you determine. We’ll work with you to identify the intel that will have the greatest impact on sales and revenue, and then create a customized field program that captures and reports that data with pinpoint precision.

Empower Success

Our solutions actively engage field personnel by measuring their individual performance through task management, schedule compliance, on-time reporting, and more. Great people who see their successes and shortcomings with unfiltered truth are inspired to aim higher.

Field teams drive conversions

The data and insights field teams compile inform operational decisions that improve customer engagement, guarantee brand standards, and drive more conversions. You’re able to act swiftly and decisively, making confident moves that optimize the entire sales journey.

Actionable insights translate into powerful solutions

Relevant data and insights lead to detailed strategies that guide our scope of solutions. We’ll work with you to translate the intelligence gathered into focused programs that improve engagement, guarantee brand standards, and drive more conversions. Now you’re able to make confident moves that optimize the entire sales journey.

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Trained field experts

Our field personnel are the product of extensive training in our data capture solutions and in your specific brand standards.

Real-time insights

Data is captured during scheduled visits and instantly available to key decision-makers via digital reporting with customized dashboards.

Digital photo capture

Data is supported by real-time photos to capture more than numbers. You see what’s happening in your stores and showrooms in vivid color.

Merchandising compliance

Instantly know whether or not products are displayed and faced correctly and in full compliance with merchandising agreements.

Correct pricing

Ensure your products are priced according to brand standards. Quickly remedy any situations where this is not the case.

Sales and promotions

Measure the bottom-line success of promotions while ensuring signage, pricing and displays are all compliant.

More informed decisions

The clearer you see your brick-and-mortar environments, the quicker you can make decisions that positively impact sales and revenue.


We’ll work with you to determine the KPIs you should be measuring to improve operations and performance.

Field compliance

Task management and GPS-tracking ensure that your teams are where they’re supposed to be and data is current and reliable.

Game-changing insights covering every corner of your brick-and-mortar space.

T-ROC field teams deliver a level of visibility into your business that was never before possible. You see what you need to see, the moment you need to see it. The result is the ability to adapt, alter, push and pull back to address issues in real-time. That’s worth a 30-minute sit down, don’t you think?