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Be Your Best & Win in the Next Generation of Retail

We are your partner of choice because we understand your challenges now, and in the future, and have the experience and tools to deliver tangible results.

Only T-ROC offers a unique combination of people-based services, applications, and technology management to support the complex needs of assisted selling.

We’re not a job shop or a bunch of empty suits – but a passionate team of people who want to help you win at Retail 4.0.

People Solutions

Struggling to find the right people to sell your products, ensure merchandise compliance or manage your store operations or marketing events?

No worries. We are experts in assisted sales execution. And we provide solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of your programs. We ensure that you have the right team, in the right locations, at the right time.

  • Retail Operations
    Whether you are looking to build a new store, planning a rocking marketing event or launching a new kiosk, TROC is your partner of choice – supporting the entire lifecycle of brand and retail programs. This includes assistance with retail merchandising services, consulting and retail advertising to boost your business!
  • Outsource Staffing / 3PL
    Whether its 1 store or 1,000 or 1 week or full-time, our programs support custom coverage and frequency models to ensure the best ROI as your staff of assisted selling experts, brand ambassadors, or merchandiser.
  • Talent Management
    Finding and retaining talent in retail is getting more difficult and expensive. So we help offload work from your HR teams with project-based or on-going services.

Retail 4.0 Software

Do you have the right data and insights to compete in the new world of Retail 4.0?

Our Retail 4.0 digital enablement platform helps you overcome the toughest brand operations and retail challenges by providing game-changing insights  .

While many high-value brands and retailers have challenges effectively applying the online, digital world’s best practices into physical stores and venues, our customers leverage our enterprise-class web and native mobile applications to capture data and deliver precise, measurable, and actionable insights to support your brick and mortar programs.

Managed Technology Services

With a dizzying number of new Retail technologies coming to market every day, do you know which ones to pick, and do you have the resources to maximize the ROI?

No worries leave it to us. We provide a full range of managed offerings from the latest in-store sensors, robots and demos, to the bread and butter IT systems that run your business.

We help you select, install, manage, monitor and maintain your assets based on your specific needs. Our proactive support can even predict and prevent failures before they happen. And when issues do arise, we quick and efficiently resolve them – no muss, no fuss.

Consumer and Competitive Insights

Do you know how your competition or how consumers experience your offerings?

Insights from consumers and competitors are a critical ingredient in today’s retail world.

T-ROC delivers actionable market research and competitive insights supporting mystery shopping programs.

We help you capture the data you need through our programs and applications, as well as through certified professionals. We assist in gathering and analyzing the intelligence you need to provide clear insights and recommendations.

Whether you want to augment an existing program or are looking for project or seasonal insights, we a wide array of business and consumer intelligence services.

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