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People Solutions  Technology Solutions  Digital Data and Insights  Customer Insights  Omnichannel Optimization 

PEOPLE SOLUTIONSThey’re the faces of your brand and the backbone of your business. But are the right people in the right places?

The front line of sales and revenue comes down to people, and not just the sales and service reps assisting your customers.

There are teams resetting stores, experts integrating technology, self-starters assembling products, brand ambassadors posting and promoting, and field teams tracking sales and merchandising compliance.

Outsource staffing isn’t just about filling spots. It’s about finding the wonderfully unique individual who is made for a job, training that person to crush it, and welcoming a happy and productive new member to your company.

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TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONSImplementing and integrating new sales technologies is rarely intuitive.

Technology is great at making life easier and bottom lines measurably larger. It’s getting there that tends to be the business boggle.

The pace of new solutions – data capture to customer engagement to merchandising and inventory management – continues to throttle up and managing it is simply not a core competency for most businesses.

"The Power of AND" is a technology accelerator, building solutions and adding systems that put your business on the leading edge and keep it there as market and customer needs expand.

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DIGITAL DATA AND INSIGHTSInformed decisions are sales and revenue optimizing decisions.

There’s a pulse to your shoppers, a process to your e-commerce, and a vibe to every physical store. Understanding how they work drives performance.

Real-time data provides the actionable insights you need to make calculated decisions. The kind that bridge gaps in service, streamline operations and, ultimately, optimize sales and revenue.

Whether a retail brand looking to improve merchandising and engagement, or a company looking to achieve sales and operational excellence, the ability to see your business in a digital second leads to smarter moves and greater success.

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CONSUMER INSIGHTSWhat’s it like to be one of your customers? If you don’t know, you can’t improve.

Selling in an era with more options for customers and more obstacles for you makes delivering a great experience across all sales channels a do or die proposition.

Do you know what it’s like to shop your stores? Is your website a lifeless warehouse or an exciting shopping journey? Have you found digital solutions to strengthen your sales teams? Are you following the competition or turning the tables on it?

It’s not enough to ask the questions. You need the answers. Because if your experience isn’t personalized, powerful and pretty darn convenient, your customers will go looking for one that is.

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OMNICHANNEL OPERATIONSEndless sales channels should be money-making, not mind-boggling.

Most businesses were never engineered to handle the tangled web of sales and revenue channels that now exists.

Between brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce sites, pop-up venues, social media sales, and event marketing, managing multiple channels is the new normal, which brings a host of new operational, fulfillment, technological and staffing challenges to the table.

Solutions built using “The Power of AND” enable you to optimize this omnichannel universe by allowing you to expand, detour, cut back, refocus, add on, and speed up as needed. Be nimble and integrated. This is how you avoid confusion and capitalize on every opportunity.

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Why every business is an  business

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or who you’re serving. Today, you face challenges that require knowing, doing and adapting across every area of operations. No single solution gets the job done. Unleashing "The Power of AND" is how we build a system of solutions to optimize every area of your business.

  • Automotive & Marine

    From interactive showrooms to personnel training to online optimization, the sales engine you need is built one component at a time. Take VIBA, for example, our Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador. Customers quickly scan QR Codes placed on displays or vehicles to instantly launch an interactive experience featuring virtual and live sales agents, video demonstrations, model features and options, and more. Plus, use VIBA to automate the financing and warranty process – saving time and money, while satisfying your customers.

  • Travel & Hospitality

    If you want to put heads in beds, you better be tuned into the mindset of today’s demanding traveler. That means providing the information they need to make the right travel decisions. Whether a travel agency, a resort, a destination or an attraction, improve the ways you engage customers by leveraging new technologies, greater market insight, and deeper training for your sales teams. It might be a pop-up promotion or a virtual ambassador booking onsite amenities for your guests, but a greater understanding of the business of selling is a big advantage in the business of travel.

  • Cable & Wireless

    We own and operate hundreds of wireless stores nationwide. Chances are, we’ve already solved many of your challenges in our stores. Wireless is where we cut our chops and we know it better than anyone. From store design to on-demand staffing to merchandising to digital data and insights, our solutions have consistently kept our locations in the top 95th percentile in the category, and we deliver equally strong results for some of the top players in the business, including Samsung, Apple, and AT&T. Nobody knows wireless or how to optimize it better than T-ROC.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer electronics is an ultra-dynamic and competitive industry. We know because we own and operate hundreds of wireless and electronics stores nationwide. In fact, there’s a good chance the challenges you’re facing, we’re busy solving – whether it’s brand ambassadors, digital data capture, merchandising, business intelligence, or managing inventory using customized RFID solutions. We understand the unique sales and revenue challenges of the electronics industry and we deliver for leading brands, including Samsung, Epson, and Apple.

  • Retail

    Fortune 100 brands, big box retailers, and direct-to-consumer brands looking to expand into the brick-and-mortar space all demand solutions measured in new sales and increased revenue. That means finding ways to streamline operating costs, improve customer engagement, and deliver top performance across a new universe of sales channels. “The Power of AND” does this by touching every area of sales and revenue, creating a system of solutions that work in tandem to optimize your retail business.

  • Financial Services

    Banking and finance have become intensely customer-centric. Are you there for your clients in new and engaging ways? If not, our proprietary customer engagement solution, VIBA, just might be the answer. By deploying an interactive VIBA Smart Sign in your lobby and adding a link to your website, customers can instantly chat with live agents anytime they want to do business – at home or in your location. Now you’re giving customers 24/7/365 access to experts who can answer their questions and walk them through options to fast track new accounts, loans, mortgages, investments and more.

  • Healthcare

    Many rules of good business can be applied to healthcare, including examining operations in order to find opportunities to streamline costs and elevate performance. In this case, that increased performance comes in the form of improved patient care. It might be leveraging new technologies to provide patients with easier access to medical information. It might be training administrative staff to be more efficient and effective. Or, it might be finding ways to accelerate hospital admittance procedures. We understand that healthcare has a lot more at stake than most businesses. We also know that many of the lessons we’ve learned can help you do even greater work.

People Solutions  Technology Solutions  Digital Data and Insights  Customer Insights  Omnichannel Optimization 

The T-ROC Difference

Sales entrepreneurs who live, breathe and build integrated revenue solutions. Let us unleash "The Power of AND".

Every company has a DNA. Ours is helping change agents lead in the business of selling and build clear paths to optimizing revenue success. We are entrepreneurs who have proven that the greatest sales innovations are built one piece, one idea, and one solution at a time. This is "The Power of AND".

Our clients say it best

Stephanie Hunter
Navico Group
I have confidence that the T‑ROC team will make sure our program moves forward and evolves.
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Trend Micro
Retail Execution and Development Manager
T‑ROC has the highest standards when it comes to hiring quality candidates. They know how we want to be represented.
Superior Communications
Director of Brand Engagement & Support
T‑ROC is always willing and able to accommodate our ever‑changing needs with quality field representation.
National Director of Sales
TCL has been very impressed with the level of innovation and creativity they bring to the table. T‑ROC rocks!
Johnny Dvorak
Epson USA
We love the culture and everything that they’re able to provide is really going to change the way that we do business.

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