Deliver in every way that makes customers happy

Rule one in today’s omnichannel universe – make it easy and convenient for customers to take home your products. This means delivering great shopping experiences across every sales channel and providing all the fulfillment options your customers desire. Seamless channel integration is how you shine.

"The Power of AND" unites sales and fulfillment operations

Great products are those in the hands of happy customers. How they get there depends on your ability to track sales, manage inventory, and provide the right fulfillment options. We’ll build an integrated system of solutions that makes sure you never miss an opportunity to sell.

Seamless Fulfillment

Deliver in all the ways your customers want – in store sales, BOPIS (buy online pick up in store), home delivery, overnight delivery, and more.

Precise Inventory Control

Never lose a sale due to inaccurate stock counts. Move on-hand inventory accuracy to near 100% with RFID solutions.

Lady Asking guy about stock

Link Your Sales Channels

Are your sales channels working together or against each other? We make sure your brand, products, inventory, and promotional messages are consistent across channels.

100% Inventory Accuracy

Did you know most businesses are lucky to hit 70% when it comes on on-hand inventory accuracy? RFID solutions managed by T-ROC will elevate your stores to near 100%. That means no missed sales due to empty shelves or BOPIS mishaps.

Know Your Customers

Digital solutions provide real-time insight into your customers, including shopping behaviors and preferences. Make informed decisions regarding inventory and fulfillment options based on actionable data and intel.

Analyzing products

We’re not just consultants. We’re store owners.

T-ROC owns and operates hundreds of wireless and electronics stores. No other 3PL understands the challenges our new omnichannel universe presents better than we do, and no other company brings you solutions proven in the trenches. That’s why the world’s top brands count on T-ROC.

Excel across channels

See your sales channels for what they are with real-time analytics that facilitate seamless integration and optimization.

Improve inventory management

RFID solutions driven by T-ROC best practices deliver near 100% on-hand inventory accuracy, so you know where every SKU lives.

Win new customers

Do it with consistency across sales channels and fulfillment options that invite them to shop and purchase however they like.

Ensure BOPIS consistency

When a customer orders online to pick up in-store, greater inventory control makes sure the product is available, ready and waiting. Every time.

Avoid backroom backups

Never miss sales due to empty shelves. Accurate inventory control gets products out of the backroom and in front of customers.

Stop internal theft

Real-time insight into inventory helps you quickly identify losses from employee theft before they become extreme.

Increase sales & revenue

Unified sales and fulfillment channels mean you’re always ready to convert the sale and satisfy the customer.

Lower costs

T-ROC solutions are designed to improve performance and streamline operating costs.

Build customer loyalty

When you consistently exceed expectations by elevating the shopping and fulfillment experience, customers keep coming back.

Never miss an opportunity to shine in front of your customers.

It doesn’t matter how they shop; today’s customers expect the process to be easy, engaging and entirely on their terms. Do it and you’ve won a loyal fan. Don’t and you’ve lost a good customer. We’re here to help you win.