Mystery Shoppers

Gain first-hand feedback into your front lines

There are some aspects of sales that numbers just can’t capture. Like how friendly your sales reps are when serving customers; how well they can resolve issues; how brilliantly they represent your brand and products. The only way to know these things, is to actually be a customer. Enter T-ROC mystery shoppers.

Part customer. Part sleuth. Part reality check.

Mystery shoppers are highly trained professionals who enter your locations and engage staff as though they were ordinary customers. But they’re not. They’re intelligence gatherers who report back on service levels, operational efficiencies, brand compliance, customer behaviors, and just about anything else you want to know. You get an unfiltered glimpse into your staff and operations.

Remote Interactions

Mystery shoppers contact call centers, online support centers, and customer service departments via phone or digital communications and report back on their experiences.

In-Person Interactions

Mystery shoppers visit stores or showrooms to provide detailed and personal accounts of their service and shopping experiences, including staff performance, store appearance, and standards compliance.

Customer checking on medicines

The Real Scoop

Mystery Shoppers make it possible to know what it’s like to be one of your customers. There’s no substitute for real engagement and our trained professionals never blow their covers. You learn the good and the bad without any window dressing.

Best In The Business

T-ROC mystery shoppers undergo extensive training into your specific brand, stores and customers. They learn how to engage, how to catalog and remember every detail, and how to direct interactions into areas that reveal the insights you want to know.

Additional Insights

Our professionals are keen observers and can provide striking detail into how other shoppers are experiencing your brand, including whether or not displays are stopping people in their tracks, and whether or not staff is proactively assisting other customers.

Proven In Our Stores First.

We’re not just consultants. T-ROC owns and operates hundreds of electronics and wireless stores. How do we gain first-hand insight into our own sales and operations? You guessed it; we call in T-ROC mystery shoppers. Because they don’t come any better.

Improve service levels

First-hand shopping accounts provide the intel you need to improve service levels and boost sales.

Understand customers

Mystery shoppers provide valuable insight into how customers experience, understand and appreciate your brand.

Enforce brand standards

Make sure your brand is being represented properly by sales teams, merchandising and marketing.

Test issue resolution

Mystery shoppers can create workable issues for your salespeople to solve, so you see how they handle it.

Ensure prompt and proactive service

Do sales reps actively engage customers or keep them waiting for service? Mystery shoppers deliver the truth.

Measure store appearance

Make sure every sales environment is clean, uncluttered and in tune with your brand standards.

Uncover operational hiccups

Mystery shoppers experience your operations up-close and personal, reporting back any areas of concern.

Implement across channels

In-person mystery shoppers provide detailed insight into brick-and-mortar locations. Remote mystery shoppers test voice and online interactions.

Receive detailed reports

Our mystery shoppers are trained to remember every detail and quickly create reports so vital information is never lost.

T-ROC Mystery Shoppers: As close to being there as you can get.

If you want to know what it’s really like to shop your stores and sales channels, nothing gets you closer than T-ROC mystery shoppers. To learn more about what our professionals can do for you, let’s talk.