IT Services

Improve business by improving the systems that run it.

While the crazy technologies we deploy to capture operations data, gain customer insights and improve sales performance tend to get the spotlight, the hard-working systems you rely on each day to conduct business are just as mission critical. The better the team, the better the technology.

We Know IT. We Also Know Sales.

IT is the bread and butter of most businesses. But for those in the business of direct customer sales, the nuances in software, networks, storage and support can be quite unique. We bring you a rare team with both a deep understanding of running an IT infrastructure and how this impacts the sales process.

Turnkey IT Services

We operate as an extension of your organization, building and supporting infrastructure tailored specifically to your business and organization needs.

Decades of Sales Experience

We are a company of sales entrepreneurs who understand the role IT plays in building stronger sales teams and improving operational performance.

IT servicess

Your Team Is Awesome

Think of us as your internal IT team offering complete lifecycle support. We handle every aspect of implementing and managing your infrastructure from solution engineering to deployment to training, maintenance, support and repair.

24-Hour Help Desk

Got questions? Need an issue resolved? Part of our commitment to integrated monitoring is a 24-Hour Help Desk staffed by IT experts who live to resolve issues fast and minimize disruptions to your operations.

Focus On Productivity

When IT runs like a well-oiled machine it improves HR management, increases employee productivity, reduces operating expenses, ensures maximum uptime, and, ultimately, helps you convert more sales.

Proven in our stores first.

T-ROC owns and operates hundreds of wireless and electronics stores. We develop and run the IT infrastructure to manage each and every location, as well as the entire retail network. We don’t just understand IT. We know how to apply to your business and sales environments.

IT engineered for you

We build an infrastructure based on your business requirements with a special focus on how to improve productivity.

Expert deployment

Our team becomes your team handling every aspect of deploying and integrating your solutions.

In-depth training

We build turnkey IT programs and that includes providing comprehensive training to help your teams get the most out of them.

Ongoing maintenance

We keep you at the forefront of IT with routine maintenance and updates to your software and hardware platforms.

24-hour support

Call our 24-hour Help Desk anytime you have a question or need an issue to be resolved fast.

Full integration

Our IT pros source and build your solution ensuring all proprietary and third-party applications work seamlessly together.

Regulatory and brand compliance

Compliance with government regulations, brand standards, and industry-driven requirements is built into every solution.

Secure infrastructure

We build your solution with security in mind and are immediately alerted anytime there is a potential issue so that prompt action can be taken.

Greater productivity

Streamline operations with solutions that save time, empower people, and get the job done faster, smarter and more efficiently.

IT drives operations and that makes it key to driving sales.

In the business of sales, IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in how effectively people and programs are able to move the needle. Maybe it’s time to talk to a partner with first-hand experience integrating IT into the conversion equation?