Business Intelligence

Knowledge isn’t just power. It’s fuel for revenue growth.

Business intelligence is a bottom-line competency that requires looking both inward and outward. We can help by building a system of integrated solutions that improve the visibility you have into your operations, while painting a clear picture of the marketplace and competitive landscape.

"The Power of AND" is a window into your operations and management

Every sales business is different. Retail isn’t a resort. Sports cars aren’t smartphones. Is your intelligence program designed for your landscape? Is it nimble enough to expand and pivot as your needs and market conditions change? “The Power of AND” gives you this freedom and flexibility. You benefit from intel that drives performance today AND tomorrow; reveals insights into people AND practices; AND continually expands as new challenges arise.


Aggregating in-field and online intel confirms industry trends, identifies competitive advantages, helps evaluate pricing, and more.


Digital data solutions provide real-time intelligence into sales, operations, customer service, marketing, merchandising and more.

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It's Time To Know…

…your customers better

Proprietary data capture technology, mystery shopping, surveys, and engagement solutions like VIBA, The Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador, provide insight into customer behaviors, the shopping experience, preferred sales channels, and brand awareness. Plus, VIBA allows you to capture vital customer information, such as emails, addresses and phone numbers to continue the conversation past the point of sale.

…your business better

Field teams use proprietary data capture solutions to provide real-time intel into store conditions, merchandising, promotional performance, and more. RFID solutions deliver near 100% on-hand inventory accuracy, so you don’t miss sales due to inventory mishaps. You enjoy real-time information across your operations to drive informed decisions.

…your competition better

Field data provides a clear look at your competition in terms of product selection, pricing, store placement, and marketing. Strategic intel gathered online and through other channels helps you anticipate industry fluctuations and capitalize on new opportunities before the rest of the market makes a move.

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We own hundreds of retail stores, so we get the value of actionable intelligence.

We’re not just consultants. We’re owners who face the same bottom-line pressures running our stores that you face operating your locations, dealerships, or showrooms. We know how huge of an advantage good intel is, and we build solutions driven by proprietary technology, best practices, and proven tactics to capture it, distill it, and report it.

Make confident moves

Digital data and insights deliver real-time intel into sales, merchandising, customer behavior and more.

Lead the market

Identify industry trends and opportunities and make your move well ahead of the rest of the pack.

Build brand loyalty

A deeper understanding of your customers prepares you to meet their needs in new and exciting ways.

Streamline operations

Are there areas of inefficiency in your business model? The sooner you identify them, the sooner you can rectify the situation.

Drive more sales

Real-time control over on-hand inventory, merchandising compliance, and promotions means you can adapt and improve on a dime.

Know what they’re up to

A clear picture of your competitive set and the marketplace helps inform the right strategies going forward.

Lower costs

Are you spending too much in certain areas? Are there places to lower expenses? Good intel identifies them.

Empower your people

Actionable intelligence holds professionals accountable for their performance and inspires them to bring their best each day.

Max out your ROI

Relevant business intelligence includes clear performance data that shows you what you’re getting vs. what you paid on every program.

Make great moves across your operations driven by better intel.

Relevant intelligence is arguably the greatest advantage a sales business can possess. Where, when and how you get it often determines whether you lead the market or lag behind. If you like being out front, we should talk.