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"The Power of AND"

If there’s one thing that makes T-ROC unique, it’s our ability to impact sales and revenue in so many ways. Over the years, we’ve learned that business challenges are never singular. They’re connected across operations and sales channels, and therefore, solutions must do the same.

We call our approach “The Power of AND” because it builds a system of separate but integrated solutions that work together to optimize performance across the lifecycle of your business.

Strategy. Philosophy.
Revenue Engine.

“The Power of AND” is more than a way to answer challenges. It’s a way of approaching business as a whole. Things are moving and changing and being disrupted in more ways than ever before. Excelling in one or two areas is no longer enough.

You need to crush it in every area and that means being responsive, adaptive, and nimble. It means preparing for tomorrow, today. It means being able to switch gears, add services, ditch duds, connect the disjointed, change directions, and optimize processes – on a dime.

"The Power of AND” builds a system of connected solutions. One that drives performance but can also be modified and expanded upon without breaking down. No single solution works this way. No other approach does more to grow your business.

Integration  Flexibility  Consistency  Opportunity  Customer Experience  Revenue Growth / Cost Control 


A system of connected solutions drives performance across digital and physical sales channels.


Be prepared to add, adapt and redirect your business the moment the need arises.


Ensure service levels, merchandising, pricing, marketing are all compliant with brand standards.


Identify and capitalize on new opportunities faster and more effectively.

Customer Experience

Elevate engagements in stores, online, over mobile devices, at events, and more.

Revenue Growth / Cost Control

Optimize sales while streamlining operating costs thanks to highly integrated solutions.

Change Agents Inspiring Change Agents

At T-ROC, we proudly consider ourselves disruptors of the status quo and there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping other change agents drive their businesses.

We begin the same way every time. We listen. We learn. We come to understand what it is that makes you tick and where you could use a little integrated problem solving. Then, collaborating with your teams, we get to work building your system of solutions.

Our goal is to unleash the full potential of your business and “The Power of AND” is how we get you there.

Innovate or Die

In business the only constant is that things will change. The question is whether or not you’ll be ready when they do. “The Power of AND” is an engine for innovation. It’s a way of doing business that keeps us on our toes and keeps our clients at the forefront of their industries.

The “Power of AND” is a perpetual cycle of improvement that leads to all sorts of breakthroughs – new technologies, new training programs, new omnichannel solutions, new market opportunities, new merchandising concepts, and more.

We never stop innovating because we never stop problem solving. This is what “The Power of AND” promises and it’s why we know it will change the way you do business.

T‑ROC has been a key partner in expanding the TCL brand and product awareness in the US as we launched our first TCL branded mobile devices in 2021. Their field support and execution working with multiple wireless carriers has been critical in strengthening our field relationships and increased awareness of our Android smartphones and tablets in market. TCL has also been very impressed with the level of innovation and creativity they have brought to the table! T‑ROC rocks! National Director of Sales
T‑ROC has the highest standards when it comes to hiring quality candidates to support our brand and have done a great job understanding how we want to be represented. The partnership we have with the leadership team, reporting team, and labor team at T‑ROC has been stellar and it shows in the performance we have seen so far in our program. Their capabilities and reporting are hands down the best in the business. Retail Execution and Development Manager
The T‑ROC team has been a valuable partner to us over the past 2 years. As we represent a broad range of products and retail partners, T‑ROC is always willing and able to accommodate our ever-changing needs with quality field representation. Director of Brand Engagement & Support

What can “The Power of AND” mean for your business? Let’s talk.

The business of selling is dynamic. We believe our approach to meeting growth and revenue challenges is a game-changer – impacting every area of operations, integrating every sales channel, ensuring seamless scalability, and accelerating performance across your business. If you’re ready to entertain a different approach to selling, we’d love to tell you more.