The T-ROC Difference

As the complexity of high-value products and retailing grows, shopping experiences change. So do we.

Since we support the best, we expect the best of ourselves.

By combining our expert personnel and leading-edge technologies, we uniquely address the entire lifecycle of brand and retails operations.

Why Us?

01. Suite of Solutions

We provide the people, process, and technology to address your highest priority issues.

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02. Team of Experts

Team members have spent their entire career creating valuable outcomes for leading brands and retailers around the world.

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03. Lifecycle Support

Our solutions address the entire lifecycle of your operations - from planning and design to construction through staffing and operations.

04. High Standards

We take pride in what we do, and it shows. Our standards ensure the quality of both your brand and ours.

05. Outcomes Focused

We identify and optimize the key activities that drive measurable results - and consistently meet or exceed our targets.

06. Diversity

Our diversity shows in our colors. Each color in our logo represents a solution component, and it also represents the diversity of our people, thought and approach.

"For the world’s largest retailer to ask us to help them sell merchandise in the wireless space speaks volumes for our expertise in retail operations and specialized selling. They continue to show confidence in our partnership by increasing our store count and expanding the service offerings each year under the program!"
Todd Manley, VP National Sales/Walmart


We earn your business everyday

Besides leading-edge technology, industry best practices and passionate, experienced team members, T-ROC treats each customer individually.

We carefully listen to your challenges and obstacles, ask probing questions, and help identify solutions that deliver a real ROI.

We celebrate when you are successful. Our growth is from your wins. And your victories occur when retail experiences are memorable, profitable, and highly efficient.

Each customer program has a dedicated account manager plus online chat and helpdesk teams around the clock. We ensure training for all program participants, yours, and ours, and key materials, contacts, standard operating procedures, and other materials are only a click away.

People + Technology

Custom-tailored end-to-end solutions from start to finish.

When you partner with T-ROC, you get game-changing customer experiences — from HQ to field teams to physical stores and venues.

While others can provide people or technology, we provide the right combination of domain expertise and best practices along with technology and data insights to drive optimal outcomes.

Innovate or Die

In retail, the only constant is change.

Our culture of innovation puts us at the forefront of Retail 4.0.

Geography, demographics, competition, in-store conditions and many other factors impact your results. So does capturing and measuring customer and employee experiences.

We proactively explore new approaches and technology all the time. We test and measure thousands of interactions. And use these learning to inform our best practices as well as our technology and application investments.

These learnings support our client engagements and enable us to quickly scale your business where it’s needed most.

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