Store Reset Teams

Wake up to a whole new experience thanks to our reset rockstars.

At some point, the feel and flow of a physical space runs its course. Maybe it’s the addition of new products that demands a fresh take, or maybe things are simply starting to feel a little stale. Resets are a fast, easy and affordable way to infuse new energy into any store or department. Our teams do it overnight. So you and your customers wake up to something incredible. 

The Zero-Disruption Makeover

Downtime is the last thing a sales business needs. That’s why our reset teams get to work when you go dark. They go in with intensive training and a meticulously mapped plan to revamp and rebuild furniture, displays, shelves, stand-alone units, fixtures and more. By the wee hours of the next morning, your transformation is complete.

Improve navigation

Create better flow through your environment to make it easier for customers to find what they need.

Showcase brands and products

Resets are an opportunity to feature new products, promote stalled inventory, and highlight top revenue producers.

Arranging stocks

Trained Experts At The Ready

We have a nationwide pool of fully vetted and trained reset experts who are available when and where you need them. These people are a rare breed. They love the grind that comes with overnight resets, and won’t rest until the job is done.

Improve The Customer Experience

Resets energize your physical space. Customers show up to find a store that’s easier to navigate and more exciting to shop. The day before a reset your space is the same old store. The day after, it’s a brand new shopping experience.

Planned And Tracked For Measurable ROI

Like every T-ROC staffing program, we don’t just bring you the best teams. We use best practices and advanced technology to optimize performance, ensure accuracy, and deliver the precise environment you were promised.

We don’t just reset your stores, We reset our own.

It’s true. T-ROC owns and operates hundreds of wireless and electronics retail locations. We understand the value of keeping things fresh, and rethinking layouts and merchandising to improve bottom-line performance. We also know our reset teams rock, because we see it first-hand. No other 3PL can say that.

Zero disruption

Our teams will have your new navigation and layout in place before doors open the next day.

Strategic planning

We listen to your needs and map out a reset strategy to deliver the flow, feel and product focus you desire.

The best teams

Our reset teams have extensive training and experience. They know how to work together to get the job done.

Improve flow

Resets are an opportunity to examine the current flow of your environment and make calculated navigation improvements.

Highlight items

Use resets to give more prominence to high-end items, top sellers or even inventory you’re struggling to move.

Satisfy customers

When stores and showrooms are easier and more exciting to shop it adds up to more satisfied customers.

Easy and affordable

At some point, every environment needs a refresh. Our reset programs make it worry-free and surprisingly cost-efficient.

End-to-end management

We handle every aspect of your reset from planning the approach to deploying the right teams to measuring performance.

Data capture and reporting

Our solutions capture vital data surrounding your program, including foot traffic, weather conditions, drive-times, product sales and more.

Improve your shopping experience overnight.

Breathe new life into your brick-and-mortar stores or departments with resets carried out with extreme precision. If it’s time to rethink your flow and merchandising, let’s talk about doing it fast, affordable and on point.