Why T-ROC?

The quick answer is optimized revenue. The full answer is one heck of a story.

It all started with a van full of vision.

The T‑ROC story begins with a 23-year-old Brett Beveridge and his buddy wrapping their heads around a crazy new technology called the cellular phone. This was going to change the world and it was time to stake their claim.

Maxing out credit cards and emptying bank accounts, the young entrepreneurs bought a van and fueled it with a passion to bring cell phones to the masses. They’d pull into mall parking lots and other high-traffic spots, and people just loved it. More importantly, they loved to buy! So much so that in a few years, that lone van would grow into the largest independent wireless retailer in the United States – Let’s Talk Cellular & Wireless – with nearly 300 stores nationwide.

So when we say, “an entrepreneurial spirit drives T‑ROC,” we’re not kidding.

Today, we drive something much bigger.

T‑ROC is a sales and revenue engine for some of the biggest brands in the world across a wide variety of industries. Founded in 2000 by Brett Beveridge, we run on that same entrepreneurial energy and have grown it exponentially with approximately 9,000 employees and nearly 20,000 partners supporting sales initiatives throughout the Americas. Need a lift?

T‑ROC is The Revenue Optimization Companies

People often ask us, “what does T‑ROC mean?” Well, it’s an acronym for our full name – The Revenue Optimization Companies. We shortened it to T‑ROC because it’s a lot easier and, let’s face it, sounds way cooler. It stuck and now even our employees are called T‑ROCers.

We’d never change our name because revenue optimization is what we do. Every solution, every piece of technology, every best practice, every person we bring to the table is there to help you spend less and sell more. Now you understand our name. Wait until you see what we can do.

“The Power
of AND”

  • Strategy.
  • Philosophy.
  • Revenue Engine.
Our Team

T‑ROC Leadership

Brett Beveridge Founder and CEO

An entrepreneurial, results-driven executive with over 30 years of experience and success in the retail and technology industries.

Lowell Rush Chief Financial Officer

Lowell executes growth strategies and explores new strategic opportunities with over 35 years of finance and operational experience in both private and public firms.

Randy Knutson Chief Strategy Officer

Randy brings a customer-oriented practicality to challenging business situations, creating success, efficiency and predictability in day-to-day operations.

Elizabeth Valgora Chief People Officer

Elizabeth’s focus within T‑ROC is to ensure that we are providing a world class employment experience to the people who are a part of our organization.

Chris Green Chief Revenue Officer

Chris is a brand builder. He has found the key to achieving success is one thing – create the right team.

Eduardo Santaella Chief Information Officer

Eduardo leads strategy and execution of IT‑centric projects in an aggressive geographic expansion in areas of retail, packaging products, government and services.

Geovani Aday General Manager, SYMBITS

Geo has been involved with organizations both large and small, engaging on understanding their business operations and providing the appropriate solutions to their technology challenges.

Eddie Maza VP of Marketing

Eddie leads the marketing team responsible for T‑ROC's company branding, marketing, and lead generation programs. He is also on the spearheading committee for VIBA. He's a focused strategist and fierce advocate for driving growth for both our company as well as the businesses we serve.

Core Values

The entrepreneurial spirit that drives T‑ROC gives rise to values that reflect the passion we share for what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. These values serve as a collective gut check, guiding us both personally and professionally each day.

Make honesty and integrity win every time.
Demand success in all you do.
Be a passionate entrepreneur.
Embrace change. Embrace learning.
Amaze your customers.
Have fun, and never take yourself too seriously.

Greatness Doesn’t Have One Resume

The beauty of a team filled with unique backgrounds, perspectives and experiences is that different ideas are brought to the party. T‑ROC is a dynamic company because we are an incredibly diverse one with nearly 9,000 individuals who are great at what they do – because they’re great at who they are.

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We Love Working With
Change Agents. Do You?

The business of selling is dynamic. We believe our approach to meeting growth and revenue challenges is a game changer – impacting every area of operations, integrating every sales channel, ensuring seamless scalability, and accelerating performance across your business. If you’re ready to entertain a different approach to selling, we’d love to tell you more.