Field Management Software

Make informed decisions driven by real-time data

Speculation doesn’t cut it in the business of selling. Concrete facts and actionable intel are behind the kind of decisions that change the game and accelerate revenue. Get the field data and insights you need – immediately and reliably – with digital data solutions and professionals who make them sing.

"The Power of AND" out in the field

Field management is the definition of multi-tasking. How are your stores doing? How are your people doing? Are your online channels driving revenue? Which products are selling and which ones aren’t? The questions come fast and furious. The good news is with the right technology and people out in the field, so do the answers.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

Proprietary data solutions customized for your business provide instant insight into sales, service, merchandising, marketing, inventory and other KPIs.

Drive Team Performance

Software solutions keep employees engaged by empowering them to excel with real-time tracking, scheduling, task management, notifications and more.

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Capture the right field data and convert more sales.

Powerful field management solutions drive performance across both brick-and-mortar environments and e-commerce channels. Best practices and proprietary technology keep you perpetually informed and instantly updated. Operations quickly become an open book, so you can resolve issues and jump on opportunities fast.

Always In The Know

Customized smart forms with photo capture provide real-time insights into store conditions, merchandising compliance, displays, pricing, promotions, product placement and more. Integrate smart shelves, robots, RFID and exterior data sources to gain a 360° view of how your venues and SKUs are performing.

Clear Reporting

Team, venue, channel, merchandise, competitive, and environmental data are summarized in concise reports that provide digestible, actionable insights. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports drill everything down so you can make informed decisions.

Performance Accountability

Field solutions leverage GPS tracking to ensure your teams are where they’re supposed to be and doing the job properly. Set goals and KPIs. Schedule tasks and activities. Measure, track and share employee performance – rewarding the good and calling out the bad.

Prioritize Key Business Areas

Good management means defining your most important business priorities and desired outcomes. Best practices and decades of experience guide teams and technology in the field to put your focus squarely where it’s needed most.

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Field management software that drives performance in our own stores.

T-ROC owns and operates hundreds of retail stores that continue to dominate their category. Living on the front lines gives us insight no other 3PL can equal, which is why numerous Fortune 100 companies turn to T-ROC for field management software.

Find the truth

See your sales channels for what they are with real-time analytics that pulls no punches. Complete visibility and transparency guide smarter moves.

Know your people

Identify who’s doing things right and who might need a little extra assistance. Empower your people with straightforward task and performance reporting.

See what you need to see

Build a smart data capture and digital reporting program that fits your needs with forms and dashboards that drill down data in ways that work best for you.

Speed up issue resolution

Customized data capture and reporting make it easy to identify the right course of action when things aren’t going as planned.

Track performance

Hold field employees and third-party providers accountable for on-time, on-target performance with data as the proof. We make sure promises made are kept.

Empower great work

Schedule tasks, measure results, send notifications, and enable digital training to provide clear paths to success for employees and partners.

Trust proven solutions

We use our field management solutions to drive performance in our own stores. That’s a hands-on advantage no other 3PL can promise.

Optimize compliance

From field teams to merchandising to third-party providers, compliance standards are clearly defined so they can be clearly assured.

Make better decisions

Effective field management is only possible when you have accurate information at your fingertips. We deliver it day in and day out.

Inside Mobile Insight®

Mobile Insight®, owned by T-ROC, is the company behind our mobile application for field teams, and the first and only retail execution solution for high-value brands and retailers.

Field management moves fast. "The Power of AND" is how you keep up.

There are far too many variables in field management for any off-the-shelf solution to answer them all. However, a customized system of integrated people and technology solutions can put you squarely in the driver’s seat. Isn’t that worth a 30-minute sit down?