Product Assembly Services: Furniture To Bikes To Grills

Building an assembly service program that works for you.

Do your products require assembly services? Bed frames, bikes, entertainment centers, office furniture – we have the trained technicians and proven best practices to assemble furniture and just about anything else quicker, more reliably, and more affordably than you’re doing it right now. The fact is assembly services are too often seen as ancillary, when they are really an opportunity to drive added revenue and build customer loyalty. This is how we view your assembly service program at T-ROC, and this is what we’ll build it to deliver.


T-ROC’s Turn-Key Assembly Service

Partnering with your stores and corporate teams, we’ll develop a sustainable, scalable, and fully managed program to meet your assembly needs. Whether it’s new furniture or any other item, we’ll bring you a team of highly trained technicians and assembly pros who are nothing short of assembly service experts. Individuals who are well incentivized to build their futures by building your products.

The Right People

Whether a furniture assembly pro or a bike builder, assembly service techs are a rare breed. They’re individuals who thrive working independently and who enjoy the freedom and responsibility that come with holding themselves accountable for on-time, on-point performance. We have people in place nationwide who are already assembly service gurus. We’ll train them to be experts on your products.


Assembly may be done by hand, but technology plays a big role in how we optimize your assembly service teams and program, including real-time insight into:

  • Scheduling
  • Tech-enabled training
  • Activity compliance
  • Quality control
  • Productivity
  • And other performance metrics

This transparency allows us to identify areas that need improving and quickly implement the necessary changes to keep productivity on the rise.


Furniture assembly services and other assembly service needs can change based on seasonality, special promotions, new product launches, and other factors. Your assembly service program will be entirely adaptive, instantly scaling up or back as determined by the requirements at any given time.


Your T-ROC management team will guide your program every step of the way, including working closely with suppliers, providing clear production roadmaps, even sourcing replacement parts and processing claims. Your furniture assembly cost (or that of any other product build) is kept minimal, while your program performance is always optimized.


How much does an assembly services program cost?

Until we know exactly what your assembly service needs are in terms of product, volume, timeline, number of locations, and other parameters, it’s impossible for T-ROC to provide an accurate estimate for assembly services. We can, however, tell you that a program we build leveraging our experience, assembly service teams, and nationwide footprint will deliver an ROI that you won’t likely get going it alone. T-ROC assembly service advantages include:

  • Reliable builds done faster and more affordably
  • Increased customer safety and satisfaction when using products
  • Full accountability with assembly services techs paid on performance
  • Real-time reporting with proprietary technology tracking program success
  • Instant scalability during seasons, promos, and new product launches
  • Furniture assembly service or any other product, we will hit the ground running
  • Get products out of the backroom on onto the salesfloor where customers can buy them
  • Offer in-home assembly services for furniture and other items to increase customer satisfaction

What can a product assembly services program do for your company?

By partnering with an experienced assembly services provider, companies can gain access to skilled workers, specialized equipment, and efficient processes to assemble their products according to exact specifications. This allows companies to focus their internal resources on core competencies like design and marketing while leveraging an outside firm’s expertise in assembly. Product assembly programs also provide flexibility since production can be scaled up or down as needed. Outsourcing product assembly to a trusted partner can reduce costs, ensure quality control, and get finished products to market faster through leveraging specialized skills and technology.


Product fitting
Product drilling
Cycle adjustment

The T-ROC Global Product Assembly Process

When you engage T-ROC Global for outsourced product assembly services, our team will work closely with you through each step of the process to ensure your needs are met. We begin by thoroughly understanding your product specifications, production requirements, and quality standards. Next, we design the optimal assembly process leveraging our expertise and technical capabilities.

A trial run validates the process before full production begins. Throughout the process, our project managers provide oversight and communication to ensure on-time delivery and responsive adjustments as required. We tap into our global network to scale assembly as needed while keeping costs competitive. Our end-to-end management handles all details so you can focus on growing your business.

Putting the pieces together for your business

Ultimately, a great assembly service solution comes down to putting all the components together in a way that controls costs, maximizes efficiency, and guarantees you consistent volume and quality. This is what we do at T-ROC. Whether you need furniture assembled or bicycles put together right, we’ll make the process work better for your business and your customers.

Sporting Goods

• Bikes
• Scooters
• Skateboards
• Fishing gear
• Camping gear

Fitness Equipment

• Elliptical machines
• Steppers
• Stationary bikes
• Weight benches
• Racks

Home Goods

• Bed frames
• Dressers
• Light Fixtures/Fans
• Coffee Tables
• Dining Tables
• Cabinets
• Entertainment Centers

Outdoor Items

• Tables
• Bars
• Lounges
• Umbrellas
• Grills/Smokers
• Canopies

Office Equipment

• Desks
• Chairs
• File Cabinets
• Shelving

So Much More

If it needs building, we’ll put together the assembly service team and processes to lower costs, increase efficiency, and deliver top-quality to your customers.

Consistent product assembly builds consistent business revenue. It’s that simple.

When installation services operate as a well-oiled machine, it wows customers, streamlines costs, and increases sales. When it’s not, it becomes a liability that eats up profits and may very well damage your brand. Ready for a better way to put it all together? Call on T-ROC assembly services.