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VIBA is the first omnichannel engagement solution that turns stores, phones, computers, tablets, signage, billboards, displays, and any other medium you can imagine into a 24/7/365 sales force. You’ve never seen anything like it and your customers have never experienced anything like it.


What if you could eliminate every barrier between you and your customers?

You’d do it, right? This is exactly why we created VIBA, the first and only sales and service solution that delivers personalized experiences wherever, whenever, however, your customers feel like shopping.

VIBA integrates live video chat, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to engage, inform, and entertain customers on their terms. Best of all, these experiences can happen in stores, at home, online, even while walking down the street.

Customers instantly connect with a Live Agent or a lifelike Virtual Ambassador programmed to know your brand and products inside and out. Not only will every question be answered, but agents can also pull up product demos, videos, specs, pricing, features, warranty details – anything to help satisfy the customer and convert the sale.

VIBA is the first solution to provide unlimited access to your brand across sales channels. Barriers like operating hours, travel times, distance, and busy schedules are suddenly removed from the equation and that’s a revenue game-changer.

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Retail’s Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador

Live Agent Video Chats

Did you know that 75% of shoppers prefer human interaction when deciding on a purchase? But they also hate to wait around for service. In fact, waiting is often the kiss of death for a sale.

VIBA makes personalized service available immediately with Live Video Chats. Customers are instantly connected with a Live Agent trained to be an expert in your brand and products. Smart call routing makes sure customers always get the right agent based on language, age, and other attributes.

Once connected, the agent is able to call up demos, videos, documents, even live broadcasts to help inform the customer’s decision. If that’s not enough, customers can patch in friends and family to get their thoughts on the purchase.

Orders and transactions are completed on the spot thanks to seamless e-commerce integration. Agents can also capture customer phone numbers, addresses, and emails so you’re able to continue providing a great sales and service experience down the road.

Valerie, Your Multilingual Virtual Ambassador

Valerie is an AI version of your best and brightest salesperson. She’s programmed using the latest Virtual Reality technology to answer any questions your customers could possibly throw at her. She also gets smarter with every interaction!

Valerie never sleeps or takes days off. She’s available 24/7/365 to engage with your customers in their chosen language. Just like Live Agents, she can pull up demos, specs, videos, and other content to help close the deal.

Valerie can also immediately transfer the engagement to a Live Agent should your customer prefer. She’ll include all the contextual information from the conversation, so the agent can jump right in knowing all the necessary details.

Fun Facts about Valerie

We love Valerie. But we’re also happy to create a customized AI Ambassador for your brand that will have its own look, feel and personality – it will be yours and only yours. Some ways an AI ambassador can be a big asset include:

  • AI agents costs 25-200% less than staffing
  • They are 5-7 times faster than typing with a chatbot
  • AI learns and keeps getting smarter over time!
Costs 25-200% less than staffing
5-7 times faster than typing with a chatbot
She learns and actually keeps getting smarter over time!

Other Cool Stuff

Every VIBA engagement includes a host of on-demand features designed to reduce sales friction, provide genuine entertainment value, and better inform the customer:

  • Live broadcasts can be scheduled using your VIBA Admin Portal
  • Product demos
  • 3D augmented reality that allows customers to place products in any environment (ex. How will this couch look in my living room or this car in my driveway?)
  • Limited-time sales and promotional offers
  • Celebrity endorsements or special guests
  • Product features & options
  • Pricing and financing details
  • The possibilities are endless

VIBA is a media-rich engagement platform that allows you to bring your brand to customers in ways no other technology even comes close to delivering.

How VIBA Goes Everywhere

QR Code

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Anywhere you can place a QR Code, your customers can launch VIBA. Stick them on products, displays, signage, online ads, billboards, posters, bus shelters, you name it. One quick scan and your customers are instantly connected with a Live Agent or Virtual Brand Ambassador ready to wow them with the full VIBA experience.

Smart Signs

Smart Signs come in over 120 configurations from 12” tabletop displays to 55” panoramic totems. Deploy them in stores, at events, at trade shows, in showrooms – anywhere. Smart Signs can be programmed to automatically activate when customers approach or when they say step up and say, “Hey Valerie.” Either way, you’ll stop customers in their tracks with a no-touch, no-waiting experience that’s ideal for launching new products, increasing impulse purchases, and promoting high-value items.


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Add a simple link to your website and social media channels to create an online sales and support team. One click instantly launches VIBA on any computer, phone, or mobile device. Now you’re connecting with customers in their homes, at the office, at resorts, in waiting rooms – anywhere there’s a cellular signal or Wi-Fi.

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Your Dedicated Microsite Makes It All Possible

VIBA is hosted on a dedicated and responsive microsite built around your brand and needs. It supports Virtual Ambassadors, live video chats, live streaming broadcasts, on-demand content, 3D augmented imagery, documents, forms, and seamless e-commerce integration for on-the-spot transactions.

Customers never have to download an application to get the full VIBA experience. Everything lives on your microsite and you always have complete control thanks to a dedicated and secure VIBA Admin Portal.

VIBA at a Glance

Anywhere, Anytime

VIBA connects you with your customers no matter how they prefer to shop – in stores, on devices, online, or even out on the street. Now customers have unlimited access to your brand and products – 24/7/365.

Remote Live Agents

Deliver personalized service from trained agents stationed at home, in a remote office, in a call center, or anywhere that works for you logistically. We can provide you with agents or we’re happy to help train your team.

Virtual Brand

Forget boring chatbots! Give your customers a Virtual Brand Ambassador who can answer questions and deliver real and knowledgeable service. Support in-store sales teams and continue to connect with customers long after normal business hours have ended.

Measurable ROI

VIBA can cost dramatically less than staffing, while expanding your revenue stream across more sales channels. VIBA tracks performance based on location, product, date, time, and any other metrics you set, so you see the returns your investment is garnering.

Product Demos

On-demand and live demos often do more to impress customers and close the deal than any sales pitch. Need help producing a great demo? Our marketing team is ready to assist you.

3D Augmented Reality

This crazy technology allows customers to place items in any environment, so they can see exactly how your products will look, feel, and fit in their homes, offices, yards, you name it.

Livestreaming Broadcasts

Livestreaming delivers 10x the conversion rates of generic e-commerce! You schedule every event over your dedicated Admin Portal.

Upselling & Special Offers

Increase conversions using VIBA’s SMS feature. Instantly text customers personal offers and product bundles that present immediate, one-time-only opportunities to save.

Augment In-Store Sales Teams

Having trouble staffing stores or showrooms? VIBA adds Live and Virtual Agents to your team. Customers will never again have to wait for assistance because reps are busy with other customers.

If you’re in the business of selling, VIBA will help you do it better.

  • Retail

    Elevate the shopping experience in stores, online, at events, and more with Smart Sign or QR Code engagements. Use VIBA to support sales reps by providing tech-enabled training on smartphones and mobile devices.

  • Real Estate

    Use QR Code engagements to instantly provide prospects with model tours, features and options, local school information, area hotspots, and more.

  • Travel/Hospitality

    Make it easy for guests to book spa treatments, cabanas, tours, dinner reservations, and other amenities. Free up your staff and satisfy your guests.

  • Banking/Finance

    Now customers can talk with an expert anytime. ATM’s are great for fast cash. But VIBA gives your customers fast assistance 24/7/365.

  • Automotive/Marine

    Add some digital mojo to your car or boat dealership. Place QR Codes on makes or models to provide instant customer service. VIBA is also a great way to streamline financing, warranties, and other aspects of the sale.

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