Shop your business, your stores, your sales channels… just like your customers.

Knowing your customers IS knowing your business. The more in tune you are with your customers, the more you can do to make their experiences consistently great.

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Happy Customers Buy Now. Unhappy Customers Buy Elsewhere.

Today’s consumer is a tough audience. That’s because we have more shopping options, more purchasing options, and more fulfillment options than ever before. We can buy cars in vending machines – talk about instant gratification!

This new world has given rise to smarter, savvier, and far more demanding customers who expect you to understand what they want and deliver it. This requires taking a good hard look at yourself.

What’s it like to shop your brand? Your stores? Your website? How do customers feel about you? What do they love? What don’t they like? Customer insights give you the inside scoop on your audience and that’s a huge advantage, because if you’re not connecting, they’re not buying.

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The T-ROC Difference

We are sales entrepreneurs who live, breathe and build integrated revenue solutions. Let us unleash "The Power of AND".

Every company has a DNA. Ours is helping change agents in the business of selling build a viable path to the next level. We are entrepreneurs who have proven that the greatest revenue innovations are built one piece, one idea, and one solution at a time. This is "The Power of AND".

Our SolutionsHow "The Power of AND" Drives Performance In Every Area Of Sales & Revenue.

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People Solutions

The sales floor, back-of-house, field teams, reset crews, brand ambassadors – scale instantly with a vetted workforce that’s ready when and where you need it.

Technology Solutions

The dizzying number of advancements coming to market run the gamut from robots to RFID to real-time sales and engagement tools. The question is what’ll work best for you?
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Digital Data and Insights

Digital data is king and it’s not all about quantity. You need to isolate the right data, distill it, understand it, and leverage it to make informed business decisions.
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Consumer Insights

The best way to better serve your customers is to understand exactly how they relate to your brand, what they expect from it, and how they experience it when they shop.
omnichannel operations

Omnichannel Operations

No matter what you’re selling, one of the biggest challenges is integrating and managing operations effectively across all channels. Let us show you how to build a seamless, end-to-end sales and service solution.

We Love Working With
Change Agents. Do You?

The business of selling is dynamic. We believe our approach to meeting growth and revenue challenges is a game changer – impacting every area of operations, integrating every sales channel, ensuring seamless scalability, and accelerating performance across your business. If you’re ready to entertain a different approach to selling, we’d love to tell you more.