Shopper Insights

Real-time visibility into your company, customers, and conversions.

If vision gives rise to a business, visibility is what accelerates it. Today’s omnichannel universe moves faster and in more directions than at any other point in history. The ability to clearly see what each area of operations is doing and how well they’re working together is a game-changer.

Make informed decisions that drive performance.

Our professionals and proprietary platforms deliver real-time data into employee performance, merchandising, customer behaviors, competition, store conditions, pricing, brand compliance and more. Make calculated moves to boost conversions, optimize staffing, speed issue resolution, lower operating costs, and drive revenue.

Measurable ROI

Every program is tracked and measured with real-time reporting, so you see the performance increases your investment brings.

Inspired Teams

Share data with employees and third parties to create more rewarding and engaging experiences that bring out their best.

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Shop Stores And Showrooms Like A Customer

Our proprietary data capture solution with customized dashboard provides real-time insights into any sales environment. Get a clear picture of store conditions, merchandising compliance, marketing and promos, product placement, pricing, and more. Experience venues just like your customers to learn what’s working and what’s not.

Gain Powerful Sales Insights

Examine the factors impacting sales broken down by specific products, locations, regions, time-of-day, online performance, and any other KPI you want to measure. Now you know where, when and how to focus resources and revenue for maximum ROI.

Improve Customer Engagement

Digital data and highly trained mystery shoppers provide a rare glimpse into service levels at your locations and online. Make necessary staffing and procedural adjustments before issues can escalate costing you potential sales and revenue.

Own your category

Competitive and market insights compiled in the field and online give you the upper-hand. Confirm brand advantages and identify weaknesses. Anticipate coming market trends. Identify areas of improvement. See where opportunities lie and take the lead in capitalizing on them.

Insights That Make An Impact

Real-time visibility

Customized smart forms and digital reports measure KPIs in real time, providing insights into your business across channels and across operations.

Merchandising compliance

Data capture and real-time photos provide a glimpse into products, displays, shelf placement, signage and more.

2-3x faster issue resolution

The right insights allow you to identify issues faster, so you can take care of them faster.

Sales increases up to 50%

See sales performance increases beyond expectations. We deliver huge numbers for our clients and can do the same for you.

Proprietary software and solutions

Customized data and insight solutions measure performance in the areas impacting your businesses.

Mystery shopping

We maintain a nationwide pool of mystery shoppers trained to provide detailed insights into your sales and service programs.

Customer satisfaction surveys

One of the best ways to understand your customers is to offer them the opportunity to share their perceptions and opinions.

Employees and vendor performance

Our data solutions track performance and share it with the parties involved, holding them accountable to the highest standards.

Best practices

Your data and insights program is driven by a team with decades of experience in the business of selling. We build it, run it, and optimize it.

Gain deeper insights that inform better business decisions

When you can examine your business with complete clarity, it’s a whole lot easier to make the right moves. If you’d like to learn more make your first move now – schedule a meeting.