Sales Reps

Recruit, vet, train and, most importantly, empower.

It takes a special type of person to excel at sales, and the skill set goes well beyond an engaging personality. Sales reps can only become great when given the tools necessary to engage with confidence, answer any and all questions, and win the customer’s trust.

A sales rep engaging your customer will either make or break the relationship.

Selling is not transactional. It’s personal. You need people who know how to represent your business, care for your customers, and build meaningful relationships. Sustainable conversions will only come when those on the front line understand they are the difference makers and take pride in being great.

Ongoing Training

We train them to meet your high standards and possess a deep understanding of your brand, products, and customers.

Sales Entrepreneurs

We bring you pros who are passionate about customer service and incentivized to continually improve.


How “The Power of AND” empowers your sales teams

We look at staffing as a system built to optimize the entire hiring and onboarding process. It’s not about filling positions. It’s about linking solutions to find the right people, place them in the right environments, and prepare them to thrive.

Recruiting with Global Coverage

We source from our own pool of sales professionals stationed throughout the United States, as well as North, Central and South America. Anywhere you need sales support, we’re ready – local, regional, national or international. We manage the process end-to-end using the latest HR software and platforms.


Comprehensive Vetting Process

Our HR team makes sure every sales rep we bring you has been fully vetted to your standards before you ever meet them, including drug testing, background checks, reference checks, and verified work histories.


Intensive Training

We’ve developed a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) that includes classroom training, hands-on teaching, and tech-enabled learning. The curriculum is built around your needs and can include ongoing sales training, certification classes, issue resolution skills, new product introductions and more.

Tracking and Reporting

T-ROC staffing solutions leverage technology to inspire performance and hold reps accountable when they fail to deliver. Clear reports and dynamic tools detail everything from sales performance to scheduling to task and goal completion.

Why T-ROC Sales Reps?

Full-time, part-time, anytime

Whether you’re looking for full-time W-2 staff or part-time 1099 employees, we have you covered. Salesfloor, special events, seasonal staffing, you name it.

On-demand capabilities

Our international footprint means that we can have people where you need them, the moment you need them.

Turnkey staffing solutions

We handle every aspect of the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process. You get the best people. We do the heavy lifting.

Proprietary technology

Our proprietary solutions and other technologies ensure the process runs smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

Skin in the game

We use our staffing solutions to drive sales in our own stores. If it didn’t work for us, you’ll never see it.

Proven sales pros

We maintain a pool of top talent who have been vetted by our HR team to meet the highest standards of professionalism.

Comprehensive training

From classroom sessions to bite-sized learning over mobile devices, your sales reps will enjoy an in-depth understanding of your brand and customers.

Engaged management

Staffing will be led by an Account Manager who will answer questions, resolve issues, ensure standards compliance, and keep the process moving.

Best practices

You benefit from processes that have been fine-tuned over decades spent staffing for some of the biggest names in sales.

Sales reps dictate the relationship you have with customers. Let’s make it a great one.

We should know. After all, we actually staff our own network of highly successful retail stores. We get the staffing challenges you’re facing. In fact, we’ve probably already solved them. Isn’t that worth a 30-minute chat?