Strategic Merchandising Solutions

It’s Time To Look Past The Planogram.

Effective merchandising goes beyond following a standard planogram. It means continually tracking and monitoring compliance to make sure your customers always get the experience you promised – one that is intuitive, one that surprises and delights, one that delivers incremental sales.

See stores and showrooms through the eyes of your customers.

Field teams with digital reporting solutions provide real-time visibility into your environments, proving whether or not brand and contractual standards are being met. Are displays properly positioned? Are products properly priced? Are promos in place? Is your brand where it’s supposed to be or hidden away on aisle 23? Now you’ll know.

Boost Your Business Success with Professional Merchandising Services

What is Merchandising?

Merchandising is the art of effectively promoting and selling products in retail settings. It involves the strategic planning and implementation of techniques to maximize product visibility, create attractive displays, and enhance customer experience. Merchandising encompasses various processes such as product selection, arrangement, pricing, promotions, and inventory management.

The objective of merchandising is to engage and entice customers, to ultimately drive sales and maximize profits for the retailer. Effective merchandising requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends and the ability to curate and present retail merchandise in a compelling way that appeals to your target audience.

Why Do I Need Assistance with Merchandising?

Hiring T-ROC to handle merchandising for your business offers several benefits. It allows you to focus on your core competencies and business operations, as T-ROC handles all aspects of merchandising. This saves you time and resources that can be dedicated to other – more – important areas of your business.

Additionally, merchandising companies like T-ROC bring expertise and 20 plus years of experience, ensuring your products are displayed and presented in the most appealing and effective manner. We have a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, helping you maximize sales and increase customer engagement.

Lastly, outsourcing merchandising to us allows you to tap into a wider network of resources and connections, accessing new markets and opportunities for growth. Hiring a merchandising company like T-ROC streamlines your operations, enhances your brand image, and drives business success.

Making Brands Shine: T-ROC Global’s Powerful Retail Merchandising Strategies

At T-ROC, we employ a variety of effective merchandising strategies to drive sales and enhance brand visibility. First and foremost, we prioritize creating visually appealing displays that highlight the unique features and benefits of each product. Visual merchandising is imperative when it comes to an effective merchandising strategy. Our team ensures that retail merchandise is properly organized and stocked to maximize sales potential.

Additionally, we implement targeted promotional campaigns and offer exclusive deals and discounts to attract and retain customers. By analyzing market trends and consumer behaviors, we are able to tailor our merchandising strategies to specific target audiences, ultimately achieving impactful results for our clients.

Instant merchandising insights

Proprietary data capture solutions featuring customized smart forms distill all relevant merchandising intel into digestible reports.

Real-time photo capture

You get more than digital reporting numbers. You get real-time photos for a deeper, full-color understanding of the situation so you can act and react quickly to fix or optimize any retail situation.

Taking product picture

Schedule & track visits

GPS tracking feature allows to you schedule store visits to ensure compliance, guaranteeing that data and photos are captured on the proper dates.

Quickly identify non-compliance

Real-time transparency allows you to instantly identify issues of non-compliance and quickly take the appropriate action to resolve them.

Avoid empty shelves and displays

Integrated RFID solutions elevate on-hand inventory accuracy to near 100%, so products can move quickly from the backroom to your displays.

Win with proven solutions

We’re not just consultants. T-ROC owns and operates hundreds of retail stores, so we have a first-hand understanding of merchandising. In fact, we prove every solution in our stores before bringing them to yours.

Merchandising gets dynamic with "The Power of AND".

"The Power of AND" transforms merchandising from a passive practice into a real-time and dynamic sales generator. Stay on top of your environments, identify issues, and make adjustments on the fly with instant intel on product placement, displays, pricing, promos, signage, and more as you combine more than just one solution. With our AND approach, we help you connect disparate solutions into powerful platforms to really optimize revenue. We help you:

Confirm product placement

Are products on the right shelves in the right part of the store? Or not?

Enforce brand standards

Do product placement, pricing, and promotions adhere to your brand standards?

Gauge store appearance

Is the store clean or cluttered? Is your brand being properly represented in a well-managed environment?

Evaluate real-time intel

Digital management and merchandising solutions deliver real-time reports with customized dashboards

Back up reports with photos

There are intangibles that data alone can’t capture. Real-time photos provide a first-hand glimpse into your environments.

Improve engagement

When you experience stores the way customers experience them, you can more rapidly identify areas of improvement.

Integrate RFID

Nothing kills sales faster than empty shelves and displays. RFID solutions make sure inventory is always on the floor.

Track sales performance

Regular reporting can include sales by product, location, region, time-of-day and other parameters, allowing you to adjust merchandising and marketing based on actionable data.

Enjoy proven best practices

Your merchandising program is driven by a team with decades of experience in sales and first-hand experience as store owners and operators. So with T-ROC, it's not just theory, it pressure-tested and proven practices AND results.

Turn merchandising into a real-time revenue stream.

Advanced digital solutions make merchandising a more fluid component of selling than ever before. Examine your stores and showrooms with real-time efficiency to ensure compliance and make calculated adjustments. Ready to think beyond the planogram? Connect with T-ROC's Merchandising Specialists to reimagine the way you optimize your merchandising to optimize your sales and revenue.