Accelerate sales and satisfaction in a matter of minutes.

Skyrocket on-hand inventory accuracy to near 100%, while torpedoing the absurd amount of time, money and energy required to do manual stock takes. Then, we show you the big picture – how RFID improves customer satisfaction, supply chain management, omnichannel fulfillment, cost control, and bottom-line performance.

What is RFID?

RFID works by sending radio signals between a reader and tags placed on your products. Each tag is entirely unique to each item. As soon as the reader comes close to a tag, that product and all relevant data is automatically recorded. Hundreds of items can be read in seconds with a quick wave of the reader. Once cataloged, every item can be tracked instantly. Now you’re in control like never before.

Speed & Accuracy

Manually tracking on-hand inventory can take days. It’s so intensive many stores only do it once a year. With RFID, you can do stock takes every day in minutes and know your inventory is accurate.

Revenue & Productivity

Shelves and displays are stocked because inventory is on-point. Sales staff are focused on selling instead of counting. Costs go down while productivity soars.


Never Miss Sales Due To Stock Mishaps

What happens when a customer shows up to your store to find empty shelves? Or worse, calls ahead and your rep tells them you have a product in stock, but when the customer shows up – you don’t. That’s a lost sale and probably a lost customer. With RFID solutions you never let customers down because you always know exactly what products are in stores, on shelves, and in your warehouses.

Streamline Omnichannel Fulfillment

RFID solutions from T-ROC deliver the visibility you need to manage today’s omnichannel sales and service universe. Know your inventory with absolute precision to effectively link all your fulfillment channels – online sales, BOPIS, curbside pick-up, and direct shipping. Create seamless experiences for customers to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Digital Supply Chain Visibility

Because every item owns a unique tag, RFID enables you to track each one through its supply chain journey. Now, instead of trying to monitor shipments or containers, you’re tracking inventory on an item-level as each passes from manufacturer to distribution centers and anywhere down the road. You enjoy real-time traceability right up to the point an item hits your shelves.

We know RFID because we implement it in our own stores.

In the right hands, RFID solves a lot more than inventory challenges. It delivers cost and performance advantages across your operations. We know because we develop RFID solutions to help optimize revenue in the hundreds of retail stores T-ROC owns and operates. No other 3PL can promise you this level of front-line expertise.

Up to 99% inventory accuracy

Most retailers struggle to achieve somewhere between 60-70% on-hand inventory accuracy. We’ll get you tracking toward 100%.

Stock takes in minutes

The manual method can take days. With RFID, stock can be measured in a matter of minutes.

Eliminate human error

Even great people make mistakes and relying on them to catalog a large inventory leads to unavoidable errors.

Get items in front of customers

RFID solutions streamline inventory movement from the backroom to the sales floor, so shelves and displays remain stocked.

Supply chain transparency

Manage your supply chain on a micro instead of macro level thanks to item-by-item tracking throughout the distribution process.

Informed decision-making

RFID provides real-time insight into the flow of goods, empowering more confident decisions than historical data.

Internal theft prevention

RFID measures your on-hand inventory with uncompromising accuracy. If regular discrepancies occur, it might be alerting you to employee theft.

Increased customer loyalty

When you meet all their shopping needs quickly and efficiently, customers tend to come back for more.

Focus on sales and revenue

When your teams aren’t bogged down by labor-intensive inventory management, they can focus on better serving your customers.

RFID is even more powerful in the right hands.

Let us show you how RFID solutions can reach across sales, service, fulfillment, and supply chain management to streamline costs and drive performance in ways you might not have considered. That’s certainly worth a 30-minute chat, don’t you think?