Retail As A Service

Expand your channels not your bandwidth

Looking to bring online success into the brick-and-mortar space? Maybe it’s time to create a revolutionary concept store for your customers? There comes a tipping point when growth means expanding sales channels. But doing it doesn’t have to swallow the bandwidth you’re already stretching to manage daily operations. Retail as a Service (RaaS) programs deliver everything you need – end-to-end.

Plan it. Build it. Run it. Crush it. Anything else you need?

When we say end-to-end, we mean true lifecycle management. We do it all – sourcing space, design, staffing, training, technology, merchandising, inventory, fulfillment, facilities management, furniture, right down to the lighting fixtures. Think of it as a one-stop shop for any new sales and engagement experience you can imagine.

Open Doors To Brick & Mortar

Online companies can break into the physical space with minimal risk and a manageable investment.

Exciting Brand Extensions

Showcase your brand and products in imaginative new ways that wow customers and drive sales.

Minimize Costs, Maximize Impact

RaaS solutions are deliberately designed to make expansion as easy and efficient as possible. These are fully integrated and managed programs built around best practices and vast resources T-ROC has in place and ready to deploy. Multiple stores or a single pop-up, you start ahead of the game and that adds up to measurable ROI.

Full-Scale, Full-Service Management

T-ROC provides staffing and management services to many Fortune 100 brands and retailers. Every RaaS program leverages the experience we’ve gained over decades driving sales in environments of all sizes and configurations.

Always Think Omnichannel

However grandiose or simple your program is, we make sure it’s built to succeed in the new normal of multi-channel business, integrating technologies, sales and fulfillment channels, social media marketing and more.

VIBA, Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador

VIBA is a breakthrough customer engagement solution we can integrate into any new store or installation. It adds the power of virtual reality, augmented reality, live video chats, and on-demand video demos to the equation. VIBA turns any store or event into an interactive showplace.

No physical barriers

Expanding your online business into the brick-and-mortar space becomes a low-risk, high-yield proposition.

Experiential events

Give your customers the chance to touch, experience and play with your products. Ideal for new launches and special promotions.

Concept stores

Introduce your audience to new products or new product concepts. Gain valuable feedback with minimum effort and investment.

Brand kiosks

They can go and fit just about anywhere. Great for seasonal pushes and new product launches.


Create a dynamic destination where multiple brands and vendors can be featured.

Festivals & shows

Is there an event your demographic likes to attend? Let us create the perfect pop-up.

Product assembly

Do your products require assembly? Our trained technicians deliver with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

End-to-end management

We handle every aspect of your expansion, from planning to developing to running your stores or installations.

Data capture and reporting

Our solutions capture vital data surrounding your program, including foot traffic, weather conditions, drive-times, product sales and more.

Take your business places it’s never been before.

Retail as a Service allows you to grow your business without growing your scope of work. Our end-to-end integration and management do the driving for you. So if you’re looking to expand but aren’t quite sure the best way to do it, we should talk.