On-Demand Staffing

Put the right people in the right positions – right now

One of the toughest aspects of running a sales business is recruiting and hiring people to drive performance. The pool of top talent isn’t as deep as it once was, yet business grows more dynamic with staffing needs that expand, shrink, stop and start on a dime. We deliver for some of the biggest names in retail.

One location or thousands, your staffing needs are covered.

Our staffing footprint covers North America with strategic extensions into Central and South America. You enjoy instant access to a workforce built by sales entrepreneurs to bring you staff who share that entrepreneurial spirit. We recruit the best of the best and bring them to you fully vetted, trained and ready to get to work.


Sales reps, brand ambassadors and managers who know how to elevate service levels, engage customers, and drive conversions.


Field personnel, mystery shoppers, assembly techs and reset teams add value to service in ways customers never see.

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Staffing To Your Requirements

Full-time, part-time, seasonal, special events, product launches – whatever your staffing needs are they will be met swiftly and efficiently. We’ll deploy individuals or teams wherever, whenever and in whatever capacity they are needed. No more struggling to find the right people. Now, they’ll come to you.

Leave Everything To Us

We do all the heavy lifting, including recruiting, vetting, interviewing, onboarding, training and supporting your new hires. They arrive prepared to crush it for your business because that’s why you hired us.

Tech-Enabled Efficiency

Staffing moves seamlessly and securely using advanced technology to manage the process end-to-end. From talent acquisition to onboarding to mobile training platforms, we use software and solutions to bring you great hires and provide clear reporting on goals, performance and ROI.

On-demand staffing solutions proven in our stores. (Yep, we own stores)

We don’t know of any other 3PL who can promise staffing solutions proven in their own stores. T-ROC owns and operates hundreds of wireless and electronics retail locations nationwide that happen to be in the top 95% for sales and operations performance. Now who do you think staffed them?

Sales Reps

Sales and service entrepreneurs who possess a deep understanding of your brand, products, stores and customers.

Brand Ambassadors

Sell through enthusiasm with ambassadors who embody the DNA of your brand in stores, online, at events, running demos, launching products.

Assembly Technicians

When products require assembly, highly trained techs follow exacting procedures and standards to get the job done right.

Field Teams

Using proprietary data capture solutions and customized smart forms, they provide real-time insight into your merchandising and locations.

Mystery Shoppers

Highly trained to engage sales and service staff and report back on what they experience as customers.

Store Reset Teams

Retail ninjas who appear in the middle of the night to transform your stores into entirely new shopping experiences for customers.


The world’s first and only Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador. Now you can sell anywhere, anytime, anyway customers want to shop.

No Excuses Staffing

Get the best people for the job when you need them, where you need them, the moment you need them.

Proven Talent Pool

We have decades of staffing experience and a pool of trained and vetted talent ready to work for you.

You need staffing.
Not waiting.

We get it. The same challenges you experience running your sales operations, we experience in our wholly owned retail stores. How do you think we became so great at creating staffing solutions?