Pop-Up Stores

Surprise your customers (without any surprises).

Sometimes it feels right to go off-script and create an experience beyond anything your customers could have imagined. Pop-ups show off your brand in wild and wonderful new ways. To customers, they can feel grassroots and guerilla, but there’s a mountain of work that goes into creating the right venue, vibe and vision. We’ve got your back from inspiration to installation.

They won’t see it coming. You’ll see it every step of the way.

Our end-to-end approach supports the entire lifecycle of your program. From finding the right space to creating the right environment and beyond. We handle everything – staffing, training, merchandising, design, lighting, marketing, inventory, fulfillment, tech integration, facilities management, and more. We do it all and keep you informed every step of the way with detailed reporting.

Anything Is Possible

What kind of experience will wow your customers? Concept store, experiential event, colorful kiosk, quaint marketplace, space-age shop – let’s get started.

Inspiration & Integration

We’ll guide you from concept to completion, including marketing your big idea and building fandom on social media.

Big Ideas Come In All Sizes

Cool kiosk, event trailer, curbside pop-up, or expansive concept store – it’s not the size of the space, it’s the size of the ideas that fill it. Our turnkey approach is designed to turn any installation into a sales and service sensation.

Maximizing Impact, Minimizing Costs

Yours isn’t our first rodeo. We have a gallery of pre-defined structures, including fixtures, shelving, furniture and digital displays that might be perfect for your pop-up space. If not, we’ll deliver something entirely original in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Online to Offline Sales

If you’re an online brand, pop-ups are a great way to attract new customers and win some brick-and-mortar awareness without the monumental effort it takes to open traditional stores. We’ll help you determine the right location, timing, and pop-up environment. Then, we’ll manage it end-to-end.

Create Inspired Connections With Your Customers

Pop-ups are an opportunity to showcase your brand in ways and places that breathe new life into the sales and service experience. Whether loyal customers or first-timers, take them beyond the expected and show them that your brand is anything but ordinary.

Concept stores

Introduce your audience to new products or new product concepts. Gain valuable feedback with minimum effort and investment.

Brand kiosks

They can go and fit just about anywhere. Great for seasonal pushes and new product launches.

Experiential events

Give your customers the chance to touch, experience and play with your products. Ideal for new launches and special promotions.


Create a dynamic destination where multiple brands and vendors can be featured.

Festivals & shows

Is there an event your demographic likes to attend? It just might be the perfect situation for a pop-up.

New brand real estate

Is your business primarily online? Are you looking to break into new territories? Pop-ups are an affordable way to expand your brand.

Lifecycle management

From the germ of an idea to an integrated installation, we handle every aspect of developing, operating and marketing your program.

Data capture and reporting

Our solutions capture vital data surrounding your pop-up, including foot traffic, weather conditions, drive-times, product sales and more.

Inspired vs. tired

Seasonal promos, new product launches, new territories, concept testing, interactive customer experiences – give your brand a burst of inspiration.

Pop-ups are full of possibilities.

There are no limits to what can be imagined. But there are proven best practices to get you there in the most cost-smart and operationally effective manner possible. To learn more about pop-ups and how T-ROC makes them shine, let’s talk.