Empowering sales professionals in a virtual selling world.

The world of sales has changed forever.

Today’s virtual environment with its countless online sales and service channels requires companies to rethink their sales training courses and programs.

After all, there’s a difference between face-to-face selling and virtual selling. A good sales team needs to understand these differences and know how to connect with customers effectively in both universes. This requires a combination of conventional sales training and innovative virtual sales training programs.

The Benefits of Virtual Sales Training For Your Business

At The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), we look at effective virtual sales training for any business, both internally and externally.

For starters, we use proprietary mobile sales training technology to improve the virtual selling skills of your sales leaders, sales managers, and sales reps.

Secondly, we make sure your business has the right virtual channels available to connect with customers. Think about it. What good is virtual selling if you are unable to wow customers with great selling skills?

In a nutshell, T-ROC sales training is designed to make your sales team as sharp as possible and provide them with the tools necessary to increase virtual conversions. So, what can you expect? Here are three key concepts to T-ROC sales training and why it’s better for your business.

1. Bite-Sized Learning Is More Effective
Sales training content too often feels cumbersome, if not downright painful, for sales professionals. When this happens, they tend to tune it out and fail to retain whatever sales training was delivered. As an experienced global sales training company, we don’t believe in overwhelming sales reps with mountains of virtual selling content. Instead, we break things up into digestible sales training modules that can be accessed via mobile devices and smartphones. This includes on-demand video sales training available anytime it’s convenient for sales professionals, as well as customized sales training via livestream events. Teams get the selling skills they need in ways that works for them.

2. Customized And Secure Learning Management System (LMS)
Virtual sales training with T-ROC features our customized and secure LMS system that supports both in-person and online sales training on local, regional, and national levels. Your program is customized to your virtual selling needs and will include a broad range of topics relevant to your sales business. Based on yourspecific needs, these can contain:

– effective sales training/mindset
– assisted sales certification courses
– conflict resolution
– customer service skills
– brand and product training
– merchandising compliance
– brand ambassadorship
– new business development
– psychology of selling
– asking the right questions
– and much more

3. Focused Virtual Selling
With T-ROC, you get sales training programs that are built specifically for the sales professionals they empower. Whether reps, brand ambassadors, field teams, assembly technicians, IT support professions, or any other sales team member – our programs are designed to optimize each area and every individual responsible for impacting virtual selling for your business. We aren’t just a sales training company. We’re a revenue optimization team who understands that sales training must be comprehensive and focused.


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T-ROC – An Industry-Leading Sales Training Company

At T-ROC, we’ve been driving in-store and virtual selling for many of the world’s top brands and retailers for decades. Our company was founded by retail entrepreneurs, and it remains driven by a team with unmatched experience in boosting revenue and creating both in-person and online sales training programs.

Proven In Our Own Sales Environments

As far as we know, T-ROC is the only sales management company that actually owns and operates its own retail stores – hundreds of them nationwide. We don’t just bring you sales training solutions, we create virtual sales training programs for our stores too. Our own virtual selling success is on the line, and we prove our solutions with our own sales teams before customizing them for yours. Point is, if a sales training solution doesn’t work for us, you’ll never see it.

Virtual Selling With A Human Touch

One of the key components of effective virtual selling is making it feel personalized for each customer or client. At T-ROC, along with great sales training, we also integrate digital customer engagement solutions into our portfolio of services to help your business maximize its customer service and sales potential.

Solutions like VIBA, the world’s first virtual omnichannel sales platform

VIBA gives customers instant access to your highly trained sales teams 24.7.365 via a simple QR code scan or website link. Using the latest virtual reality and live video chat technology, VIBA brings your sales professionals to your customers digitally – yet, still face-to-face – for a live and remarkably personalized virtual selling encounter. Plus, VIBA allows your trained virtual selling experts to instantly call up:

  • Product demos
  • Brand videos
  • Product options
  • Warranty information
  • And more.

Now, along with the best virtual sales training, your people also have interactive tools to help satisfy more customers and close more sales.

VIBA is also a great sales training tool in itself.

One scan of a QR code can launch any number of T-ROC training programs, giving your sales leaders and teams anytime, anywhere access to virtual selling content.

Did you know that 75% of customers say they prefer human interactions when making a buying decision?
VIBA gives virtual selling a uniquely human touch and that’s a big advantage for any sales organization.

Increase Conversions and Revenue
With Virtual Sales Training

Learn more about how T-ROC sales training programs can boost revenue by giving your sales managers and reps the knowledge, accountability and inspiration that comes with having the right tools to succeed. Virtual selling will continue to expand and meeting the needs of a new generation of customers is how your sales organization will thrive.

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  • How can I improve my virtual selling skills?

    Increased performance starts with a sales training program built around your virtual selling needs, your business or brand, your customers, and your specific products. Sometimes it can be difficult to handle this internally. That’s where a sales management company like T-ROC might be able to help.

  • Does virtual selling work?

    Absolutely. However, any effective virtual selling program is one that is completely transparent and measurable. If you’re not getting clear and data-driven reporting to see exactly how well (or poorly) your virtual sales training program is working, then it’s time to rethink things.

  • How is virtual selling different?

    Unfortunately, virtual selling often feels somewhat disconnected for customers when compared to in-person sales. The trick is to find ways to make it feel personalized despite the fact that buyer and seller might be thousands of miles away. That’s why solutions like VIBA that give virtual selling a uniquely human touch are so valuable.

Consistent product assembly builds consistent business revenue. It’s that simple.

When assembly is a well-oiled machine it wows customers and streamlines costs. When it’s not, it becomes a liability that eats up profits and will likely damage your brand. Ready for a better way to put it all together?