A team that listens, learns and always has your back.

Innovative solutions mean nothing without involved support. We carefully listen to your challenges and goals to build a system of customized solutions that reach across every area of sales and revenue. Then, we’re there every step of the way with end-to-end support that’s more than lip service. It’s built into the equation so you see and experience it every day.

"The Power of AND" is a roadmap for continuous improvement.

We’re able to quickly expand, redirect and refocus your solutions because our services touch every area of the revenue stream. We built this approach to ensure continuous improvement and it requires top-down support. Essentially, we stay on top of our game to stay on top of yours. From technology to best practices, we’re there with you to optimize every day.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your system of solutions will be led by an Account Manager who is intimately in tune with your goals and challenges to ensure T-ROC delivers.

24-Hour Assistance

Business doesn’t always stick to business hours. Your program includes a 24-hour Help Desk available anytime you need support.

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How We Roll

While SOPs for individual clients differ based on needs and goals, we promise yours will include the following: a sense of urgency, clear requirements, transparent communications, detailed project management, real-time reporting, and unfailing involvement from experts you see, know and work with day in and day out.

Technology Training & Support

We implement next-gen technologies to help drive sales – from advanced data analytics to insanely innovative customer engagement solutions. It’s all backed by expert training and support. If an issue arises, it’s fixed. If performance wanes, we’re on it. If you have questions or concerns, they get addressed.

From The Get-Go

Support doesn’t kick in after things are up and running. It begins at the onset of our partnership. It starts by sitting, listening and asking the right questions in order to understand your obstacles and goals, so we can build a tailored system of solutions that delivers real ROI.

Earn it every day.

Core to T-ROC is a deep sense of accountability that only allows us to win when you win. Our victories depend on yours. Our success comes from driving your sales and revenue. It’s why we support you the way we do and promise to earn your business every day. We’re measured by outcomes and that means being there to see them through.

Listen first

T-ROC support begins before any solutions are implemented with a deep dive into your goals and challenges.

Custom programs

You get solutions and support designed to drive sales and revenue based on your individual needs.

Involved management

A dedicated Account Manager will lead your program and work closely with you to adapt your solutions as needs evolve.

24-hour Help Desk

There’s always someone available to provide on-the-spot assistance by phone or online.

Technology support

IT or advanced data analytics, every technology solution we integrate for you includes comprehensive training and support.


We bring highly trained professionals to guide your solutions. We also train your teams so that they can elevate performance.

Dynamic approach

Our solutions are designed to adapt and expand on a dime. Our support follows suit. We’re beside you anticipating and navigating changes in business.

Innovate or die

In the business of selling, the only constant is change. We support you with ongoing innovation and the right teams to drive it.

Best practices

We support you with decades of proven experience running sales and service programs, including optimizing omnichannel performance.

The right solutions don’t go anywhere without the right support.

Getting where you want to be takes an integrated system of sales and revenue solutions. But even the best ideas wind up running in place without the right teams driving and directing their success. Let’s talk about the kind of support that gets you there.