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Brand Ambassador: Most Important Things to Know

  • Dec 21, 2020
  • 6 mins read


Want To Become A Brand Ambassador?

Here’s What You Need To Know:

Brand Ambassadors represent the face, the voice, and the attitude of a brand to its customers. This is a job made for individuals who love meeting and interacting with people, and who are enthusiastic about sharing their brand insights and opinions with the world face-to-face, through social media, and using online content and marketing.


What Is A Brand Ambassador? What Does A Brand Ambassador Do?

A brand ambassador is hired by a company in order to bring its products, messaging, and brand image to the community. Think of brand ambassadors as buzz creators who use their social networks and interpersonal skills to generate interest in a brand. As a brand ambassador, you’ll also represent your brand at special events and in-store marketing efforts. Often, these special visits include conducting product demonstrations for your customers or giving away free samples. It all depends on what type of brand and products you’ve been hired to represent as an ambassador.


What Makes A Good Brand Ambassador?

The most important quality every brand ambassador has to possess is the ability to effectively communicate and connect with people. You must be able to engage potential customers one on one at special events. You must also be able to reach out through social media and online content as a trusted brand advocate and expert. In other words, you should be a pretty good talker and a creative and intelligent writer.

You also have to like being in the service business. After all, as an ambassador, your job is to promote the brand by helping potential customers understand and believe in it. That means knowing your brand and products inside and out, and being ready to answer customer questions, earn their trust, and prove to them that your brand is the one they want or need. This takes someone who genuinely loves the service industry. Sound familiar? Then maybe you’ve got what it takes to be a great brand ambassador.

Ready to become a brand ambassador? Check out positions available throughout the United States to find the right one for you.


A Few Key Brand Ambassador Traits

A Love Of Learning

As an ambassador, you have to remain on top of what your brand stands for and delivers to customers. For instance, if you’re an ambassador for a new brand or an established brand that’s introducing new products, you have to be among the first to know the ins and outs of these new offerings in order to effectively represent them to the public. A big part of your job is also learning about your competition. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will make it easier for you to make a strong argument for your brand.

Social Media/Content Savvy

One of the biggest and best platforms brand ambassadors have is social media. The truth is, you should already have a pretty sizeable and active social following if you plan on exploring a career as a brand ambassador. You should know how to optimize social media and generate online content. The company or brand that hires you will likely expect you to already be proficient in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Ready To Go Where The Brand Goes

A brand ambassador position will take you places – literally. Part of your responsibilities will be to attend, if not lead, special brand events and programs. You’ll need a reliable form of transportation. You should also expect to lift and tote a good amount of display materials with you. If you’re able to lift about 50 pounds comfortably, you should have no problem when it comes to getting around in your ambassador role.

Confident And Willing To Offer Your Opinions

Companies want brand ambassadors who are real assets to the brand. They want you to provide honest feedback on the programs that you’re working with and that help you perform your job better. You might be asked to test out a new brand and give your opinion or evaluate new products to find their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, you’ll be on the front line of retail, so you’ll enjoy first-hand knowledge of how effectively brand marketing and messaging is connecting with your audience. Don’t be afraid to be a sounding board for your company. It’s what a good ambassador program expects.


Brand Ambassador Salary

How much money you can earn as a brand ambassador varies quite a bit. There are a number of ways you can get paid. None are right or wrong, it really just depends on the company you’re working for, their ambassador program, and your own preferences.

A Brand Ambassador On Salary

Sources like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Payscale put the pay scale for brand ambassadors on salary anywhere between $20,000 and $58,000 per year. You can figure a standard salary would be somewhere in the $40,000 ballpark.

Brand Ambassadors Paid Hourly

The average amount for a brand ambassador being paid hourly is somewhere between $10 and $16 per hour.

Commissions on Leads

Some companies use a commission structure to incentive their ambassadors to get out there and build the brand. The compensation structure differs for each company, but the general idea is that brand ambassadors are paid on the leads they generate. The more leads brought in, the greater the earning potential. If you’re just starting out as an ambassador, this payment structure may not be the right choice. It’s good to get your feet wet first and your skills established before jumping into a commission-only pay structure.

If you’re interested in exploring jobs as a brand ambassador, there are countless opportunities across the United States, from Washington, D.C. to Washington State. You’ll find them on popular job search websites like and You can also find great opportunities with The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC) by searching the company job portal.


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