What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?

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Curious about the role and responsibilities of a brand ambassador? Let’s explore the definition and importance of brand ambassadors, as well as their duties and qualities. The better you understand brand ambassadors, the more informed decisions you can make moving forward with a program.

T-ROC Global is highly competent in ambassador programs, and we have a strong track record of successfully managing and executing large-scale activations with brand ambassadors across various industries. Our expertise lies in selecting and training ambassadors that align with your brand’s values and effectively represent your products, services or personal brand.

Brand Ambassadors – A Comprehensive Insight


Traditionally, brand ambassadors were celebrities or famous individuals endorsing CPG brands, products and services. However, with the evolution of the marketing landscape and growth of online content, everyone from customers and employees to micro-influencers can become brand ambassadors.

A brand ambassador’s job description varies depending on the nature and goals of a business, but their primary role is to embody the corporate image in appearance, values, and ethics to promote its brand.

What is a Brand Ambassador, Anyway?

A brand ambassador is a person who is employed by an organization to represent the company’s brand positively. This person uses their personal social media accounts, networks, company events, online content, and other tools to increase brand awareness and sales.

Standout brand ambassador programs feature individuals who are enthusiastic, reliable, and most importantly, love the brand they are promoting. Whether launching a new product or attending a trade show, a brand ambassador’s primary goal is to create a positive image for the brand and foster brand loyalty.

Responsibilities and Tasks of a Brand Ambassador

In addition to promoting a brand through various social media platforms and generated content, a brand ambassador might also attend trade shows, write blogs, interact with potential customers, and participate in company events. They might also help with store execution and field sales by appearing in stores and at events. Ultimately, ambassadors need to convey the brand message effectively to consumers. Employee brand ambassadors also play a crucial role in employer branding.

Duties of a Brand Ambassador

Promoting the Brand

Brand ambassadors use their personal networks and generated content to promote a company’s products or services. They could leverage their social media presence, write blogs and reviews, or use offline methods like word-of-mouth referrals. They also might participate in trade shows or events to demonstrate products, interact with customers, and answer their questions. In person and through online content and social media marketing, the best ambassadors make brands shine.

Strategies for Promoting a Brand as a Brand Ambassador

Standout brand ambassador programs have unique strategies in place for promoting a brand. These may include interacting with customers online via a social media post, becoming knowledgeable about the product, assisting with store execution, and creating engaging and interesting content. They help to build an employer brand by improving the company’s image among their social circle and followers.

Utilizing Different Marketing Channels and Platforms

Part of a brand ambassador’s job involves leveraging personal networks and social media marketing to share promotional content and positive experiences about the brand. This can involve building relationships with existing customers, writing product reviews, joining a street team, posing for pictures with products, sharing information about upcoming events or product launches, and so forth.

Creating Positive Experiences and Interactions

An ideal brand ambassador helps build positive experiences and interactions among prospective and existing customers through active interaction and engagement through different platforms, forums, and venues. This person helps instill brand loyalty among customers by creating a positive perception of the brand.

Representing the Brand

At the crux of what a brand ambassador does is the representation of the brand in an ideal light. They act as the face of a company by being familiar with the company’s retail services or products, its branding strategy, its values, and its target audience. Brand ambassadors uphold the image of the brand and align their actions and attitudes with that of the company’s code of ethics.

Benefits of Having Brand Ambassadors for a Company

Employee brand ambassadors essentially humanize a brand, which contributes to trust-building among potential customers. They also lend credibility to the brand, helping establish a strong brand image. An ambassador program can be a more affordable and effective method of marketing when compared to traditional advertising efforts.

How Ambassadors Help Build Awareness and Credibility

Brand ambassadors play a huge role in spreading brand awareness and building credibility. Their word-of-mouth promotion and personal experiences with the brand not only raise awareness but also help forge trust amongst prospective consumers. Their testimonials and experiences lend credibility to the brand and give potential customers confidence in their interactions with the company.

The Brand Ambassador: A Key Player in Brand Representation

Qualities of a Successful Brand Ambassador

An ideal brand ambassador embodies the brand he or she represents, influencing potential customers to love and trust the brand. To be an ideal brand ambassador, certain qualities are vital:

Strong Communication Skills

The job description of brand ambassadors includes using effective verbal and written communication. Their role involves interacting directly with potential customers or fans at events, in stores, as part of a street team, and over various social media platforms.

Active Listening and Responding to Customer Feedback

A good brand ambassador has to listen attentively to customers’ feedback. Their role is to not only promote a product or service but also act as a bridge between the company and its customers.

Enthusiasm and Passion for the Brand

Excellent brand ambassadors’ job includes nourishing a genuine belief in the brand and its offerings. Their passion for the brand is crucial in transmitting the company’s spirit to consumers.

Ability to Convey Excitement to Potential Customers

The ambassador should be capable of creating a buzz around a brand, focusing on the positive aspects that would attract potential customers.

Adaptability and Creativity

Staying relevant in a fast-paced market requires adaptability and creativity. This helps the brand ambassador represent the brand properly in all situations.

Being Adaptable to Different Situations and Audiences

Every situation requires a different approach, and the brand ambassador must master these variations.

Thinking Creatively to Find New Ways to Promote the Brand

Thinking outside the box to find innovative and effective methods of promoting a brand, such as employee referrals, promotion execution improvements, social media marketing, and other methods is invaluable.

Taking Advantage of Ambassador Programs

The best way to fully leverage your brand ambassadors is by setting up a great program. These are structured plans detailing what brand ambassadors do for training, marketing efforts, and other tasks related to the job. A well-formulated program can optimize the influence and reach of ambassadors, creating more avenues for company growth and success.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that ambassadors are not just external marketers; they’re an integral part of your team. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure they feel valued and cared for. A practical step towards this can be to ensure transparent communication, provide reasonable compensation, and create opportunities for career growth.

In essence, the role of a brand ambassador is dynamic and wide-ranging. From boosting brand awareness and audience engagement through social media accounts to humanizing the employer brand – they play a pivotal role in the success of CPG brands and other companies.

Emphasizing the Importance of Brand Ambassadors for Companies

Given the vast digital landscape and intense competition in the corporate world, brand ambassadors are of utmost importance. They not only bridge the gap between the company and consumers but enhance the employer branding and create opportunities for employee referrals.

Optimizing the Use of Brand Ambassador Programs

Lastly, to fully capitalize on the potential of brand ambassadors, it’s important to establish comprehensive brand ambassador programs. This not only optimizes their performance and influence but also improves their overall job satisfaction, fostering a synergic relationship between them and the company.


In conclusion, a brand ambassador can be defined as a person who represents and promotes a company’s brand, products, and values. They typically possess a deep understanding and passion for the brand and are able to effectively communicate its message to consumers. Brand ambassadors have the power to create genuine and authentic connections with consumers, building trust and loyalty. Unlike other marketing strategies, brand ambassadors offer a personal touch, as they are often regular people or influencers who are relatable to their audience.

This authenticity can result in higher engagement, increased brand awareness, and ultimately, more customers. Moreover, by cultivating relationships with brand ambassadors, companies can tap into their networks and reach a wider audience. Overall, the use of brand ambassadors as a marketing strategy can provide a unique and effective way for companies to connect with their target market and drive business growth.

T-ROC Global is the perfect partner to help you start an effective program. With our extensive experience in the field, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the entire process. From defining your program’s objectives and identifying the right ambassadors to training these professionals in our comprehensive Learning Management System, T-ROC Global can offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We understand the importance of building authentic relationships with your ambassadors and can help you develop strategies to engage with them effectively. With T-ROC Global’s support, you can create a thriving brand ambassador program that aligns with your brand values and delivers impactful results. Learn more about our brand ambassador program today or contact us to get started.

FAQs About the Role of a Brand Ambassador

What skills do I need?

To be a good ambassador, you need excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Being able to effectively engage with diverse audiences, convey key brand messages, and build positive relationships is essential. Additionally, having a strong understanding of the brand’s values and products/services is crucial. Being enthusiastic, trustworthy, and reliable are also important qualities that enhance your effectiveness as an ambassador.

Do brand ambassadors get paid?

Yes, brand ambassadors typically get paid for their work. The payment structure may vary depending on factors such as the brand, industry, duration of the campaign, and the ambassador’s level of experience. Compensation can be in the form of hourly wages, fixed fees, or even commission-based incentives. However, some positions may also be volunteer-based or offer other non-monetary benefits such as free products or promotional perks.

Do brand ambassadors boost sales?

Yes, brand ambassadors can have a significant impact on boosting sales. Through their advocacy, brand ambassadors can create awareness, generate positive word-of-mouth, and influence consumer purchasing decisions. Their genuine enthusiasm for the brand, combined with their ability to engage and connect with potential customers, can contribute to increased brand loyalty and overall sales.

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