Why Every Business Needs a Field Brand Ambassador

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  • calendar Oct 6, 2022
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If you’re active on social media, there’s a strong chance you’ve seen or even been persuaded to buy something that’s promoted by brand ambassadors ranging from celebrities to influencers. In essence, a brand ambassador is someone who loves a product or service, and naturally wants to share it with everyone they know—and don’t know.

But there’s a different type of brand ambassador that every company needs: a field brand ambassador. They help generate awareness and genuine buzz about your brand, products, or services. It’s their job to make sure that they are properly seen and displayed in the right way to drive sales.

While every company should have a field brand ambassador, many don’t know how to find the right people or utilize them correctly. At T-ROC, we recruit, hire, and manage a team of field brand ambassadors who go into key retailers’ stores as well as watch over a brand’s online product presence.

What Does a Field Brand Ambassador Do?

A brand’s product placement is everything in a retail store. If a product is prominently displayed in the right position, it can gain more consumer recognition and foot traffic, and lead to more sales. How your product looks and is displayed is also key, as installations can catch the eye of customers and separate your product from the competition. While brands make agreements with retail stores about their product displays and layout strategy, it doesn’t always translate in the store. Prime examples: the install a brand sent to the retailer wasn’t put together correctly; or the products weren’t placed in the agreed-upon location. That’s where field brand ambassadors come in to save the day. During regular retail store visits, they can ensure that your products are positioned correctly or guarantee that your install looks as intended. If it’s not done right, that field brand ambassador can bring it to everyone’s attention and help remedy the situation in a timely manner.

Another pain point for brands is that their merchandise is often out of place, whether moved from its key location by consumers who abandon it somewhere else in the store or mistakenly misplaced by store associates. Shelves and displays also need constant attention and need to be redone. Even worse for a brand, your products could be out of stock or in limited supply. Field brand ambassadors can be dispatched to make sure that merchandise is in the right place or determine if a store needs more of a certain product before they risk being out of stock.

And just like the name implies, field brand ambassadors are well educated and well versed in your product or service. By visiting stores regularly, they can build important relationships with store managers and sales associates. They’re able to educate them on your product and build hype around it, so that when a consumer comes in, those associates can direct them to your product and knowledgeably assist them.

What Makes T-ROC Brand Ambassadors Stand Out

At T-ROC, we identify brand ambassador candidates that perfectly match and align with your brand. We’ve built our company around harnessing the power of people and technology, and we recruit tens of thousands of people every year. We leverage our expertise as well as utilize proprietary, cutting-edge software that most do not have.

Similar to sports, if you have a great team but don’t have great coaches, you won’t win. Managements is key, and we’re able to help train field brand ambassadors to be great at their jobs, coach them on how to describe products and services in the best way, as well as build relationships with retailers.

We’re also able to harness proprietary technology that measures success, using software that tracks performance and shares results in real time. For instance, a company can see how long a brand ambassador is at a retail store, or the brand ambassador can share a picture of a product to showcase where it’s displayed in the store. Instead of waiting on a report, a company can receive results right immediately.

While companies are faced with the daunting task of determining what type of expensive technology to buy, they can instead lean into a company like T-ROC, where we already have everything needed in place. That means you can operate like a large company, even if you can’t do it yourself.

Future of Field Brand Ambassadors

The same services offered can also be translated to manage a brand’s digital presence. While physical store sales still make up 80% of all revenue, statistics clearly show online sales are growing and will continue to increase. Brands face the same aforementioned challenges in the digital space, and brand ambassadors can help solve those problems, too.

Brand ambassadors can be used to audit online reviews, as well as write reviews across all retailer’s digital channels touting the positives of a product or service. After all, they’re a brand’s most knowledgeable and passionate cheerleader, and these reviews can be an adjunct to boost product sales. They can also check to make sure a product is displayed correctly on a retailer’s website, from checking that it’s priced correctly, that the proper visuals are there, or if a virtual service could be helpful.

While this may seem out of financial reach for some companies or smaller brands, the future of brand ambassadorship is also collaboration. For companies that are not competitive yet complement each other, there’s the opportunity to do more shared or co-branding programs. They can share the costs, yet both reap the benefits of a brand ambassador team.

Field brand ambassadors can make the difference in who sees your brand, and if they ultimately buy it. It’s their job to make you look good, both in store and online.

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