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The right people are always great for business.

In retail, the person behind the counter often makes or breaks the sale. You’re not just staffing to fill job openings. You’re looking for people you can trust to be the face of your brand, represent your stores, and build relationships with your customers based on a level of service your competition just can’t match.

At T-ROC, we provide staffing solutions exclusively to the retail industry. More importantly, we bring you a combination of talent, coverage, flexibility, and end-to-end management services that go well beyond those of a typical retail staffing agency. T-ROC aslo offers insights into different aspects of retail marketing such as sales staffing, brand ambassadors, advertising, merchandising, in-store demos and more.

T-ROCers Get The Job Done Right

We’ll bring you qualified candidates pulled from our own pool of retail talent who have been vetted by our own HR and sales experts. Our services include drug testing, background checks, and verified work histories. Plus, we look for something extra in our people – something that has distinguished our staffing solutions from day one – the T-ROC entrepreneurial spirit.

Global Coverage

T-ROC staffing is available throughout the United States with international coverage in key North, Central and South American regions. Wherever you need retail help, T-ROC has people ready to be on the job delivering great service the moment you need them.

Staffing To Your Standards

At T-ROC, we staff to fit your specific needs, while adhering to your standards and core values. You’ll benefit from individuals who possess a true sense of professionalism, enjoy a clear understanding of their responsibilities, and who have been trained to deliver excellence on the job.

Retail Training & Staffing Support

With instruction both in the classroom and on the floor, our retail teams receive extensive training in service, systems, issue resolution, merchandising, and every other area of your retail business they impact. We make sure by the time T-ROCers come to you they are prepared to make a difference for your retail business. We continue to support them, and you, with ongoing training and certification programs.

Staffing Solutions For Maximum ROI

Our staffing programs leverage best practices gained over decades in retail; draw from the top talent in every area of retail; and provide a level of service and support you’d be hard-pressed to get from any other retail staffing agency. That’s how T-ROC delivers a return you can measure in dollars earned, dollars saved, increased performance, and far fewer staffing headaches.

We Help The World’s Top Brands &
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We Know Retail
Staffing Solutions For Every Retail Need
End-To-End Staffing Solutions
Retail Careers

We Know Retail

T-ROC was founded by a retail entrepreneur and our staffing team understands the business and its needs because they’ve been there – on the sales floor and out in the field. We’ve built a nationwide workforce with the kind of retail pros you’re looking for – ready and able to hit the ground running.

Staffing Solutions For Every Retail Need

Full- & Part-Time Staffing

Brand Ambassadors

Customer Service Representatives

Retail Sales Representatives

Store Managers & Assistant Managers

Holiday & Seasonal Staffing

Event Staffing

Project Staffing

Warehouse Personnel

Field Teams

Maintenance Service

Shipping & Receiving

End-To-End Staffing Solutions

We handle every aspect of the onboarding process in full compliance with your own staffing processes, procedures and protocols.





Goals & Expectations



Compensation & Taxes

New Opportunities

Retail Careers

Now Available on the Retail Job Portal. We’re always looking for great people to join our nationwide and international  workforce. Are you interested in a career in retail? T-ROC provides staffing for some of the world’s leading brands and retailers, regularly filling full- and part-time positions.

Search our complete list of retail opportunities by category and location on the T-ROC Job Portal.

Brand Ambassadors

Store Managers

Sales Staff

Customer Service Representatives


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