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T-ROC: The Retail Advertising Agency That Does A Lot More Than Retail Advertising

We leverage Retail 4.0 technologies to generate insights that drive traffic and grow sales

The retail industry is in the midst of a digital transformation that is changing every aspect of the sales equation – including advertising and marketing. This is the age of Retail 4.0 and when done right it will propel your retail business forward with insights that lead to stronger messaging, better customer engagement and, ultimately, greater market share.

Most retail agencies aren’t equipped to optimize Retail 4.0 solutions on your behalf. At, T-ROC it’s one of our core business areas. T-ROC aslo offers insights into different aspects of retail marketing such as brand ambassadors, merchandising, staffing, in-store demos and more.

Welcome to Retail 4.0

The best retail marketing today is being driven by data and insights. The more relevant and accurate, the more powerful. The more effectively and efficiently you can get the right data in front of the right people, the more proactive and nimble your business becomes.

Look at it this way. Retailers in the age of 4.0 are a lot like customers. Thanks to breakthroughs in digital technology, you’re being hit with more new options and delivery channels than ever before. Which ones do you choose? Which new products will your customer like best? How do you make sure online and in-store channels work in concert? How do you help individual stores provide a shopping experience and service level that converts consumers?

You need to go digital and integrate Retail 4.0 technologies into your marketing and sales programs. Let us show you how our proprietary 4.0 solutions lead to consumer, competitive and market insights that help you drive the right message and deliver on every promise – in store, online and across every channel.


Data & Insights
Walmart Case Study
Retail Experience
A Customer-Driven Approach
Not Just An Agency - A Full Retail Partner
T-ROC’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Data & Insights

We use data and insights to drive retailer and brand marketing.

Whether operating retail stores or building a great brand, T-ROC solutions provide the actionable data you need to tap into the hearts and minds of your consumers.

Here are just a few ways our 4.0 data insights open your eyes:


Know exactly where, when and how your customers prefer to shop

Know what product or products they hope to find in your stores

Optimize pricing based on reliable market and competitive intel

See stores through the eyes of your customers with real-time visibility and photos.

Make merchandising, pricing and POP adjustments with confidence

Leverage technology to create new and better ways to engage customers

Capture customer data at the point of purchase to continue the sales lifecycle

Unify all your retail channels with a consistent omnichannel experience

Leverage consumer and competitive insights to drive stronger advertising and social media messaging.

Identify key activities, stores, regions and products that are delivering the best results

Make marketing and operational decisions based on the solid consumer, market and competitive intelligence that only digital data solutions can deliver.

Walmart Case Study

The world’s largest retailer knows a thing or two about effective marketing. Find out how T-ROC delivered a Store Within A Store (SWAS) program that generated mind-blowing increases in sales and revenue. You want proof our Retail 4.0 solutions work. Here you go.

Retail Experience

T-ROC is not your typical advertising or marketing agency. Our core competencies are grounded in decades of hands-on retail experience. From the top down, we have spent our lives in this industry, engaging consumers on the sales floor, running operations out in the field, opening new stores, and directing retail operations from corner offices.

We understand the challenges retailers face because we’ve faced them ourselves. More importantly, we know how to meet them with solutions that are well beyond the scope of conventional marketing agencies.

As the industry continues to evolve and retailers brace for even more difficult challenges ahead, we’ll continue to lead the way with digital technologies and best practices that no other retail partner can match.

A Customer-Driven Approach

We know how hard it is to find a clear path forward in an industry that’s changing at such a dizzying pace.  As your retail partner, we will help you blaze a trail in the Retail 4.0 era that addresses your unique sales challenges and answers them with solutions that yield measurable results.

We hold ourselves accountable for delivering better ROI than any other advertising, marketing or management partner in the industry. And we’re not afraid to say it.

Not Just An Agency - A Full Retail Partner

With T-ROC, you enjoy a full range of support and services no conventional marketing agency can equal.

Suite of Solutions

Team of Retail Experts

Lifecycle Support Across Your Operations

Outcomes Focused Performance You Can Measure

Diversity In Our People And Our Solutions

T-ROC’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

The T-ROC Difference

“I started T-ROC to fuel my own passion for retail, and we’ve grown because every person on our team shares this drive to build something great. I can assure you that there’s not a group out there who works harder to drive sales for retailers and brands than T-ROC. We love what we do; we  support each other; and we share the desire to exceed our client’s expectations every day.” -Brett Beveridge, Founder & CEO

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