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Making stores work harder for your customers and your bottom line.

There’s a big difference between hiring a typical retail merchandising company and partnering with a retail pioneer who drives your success with a refreshing entrepreneurial spirit and an unmatched array of services developed over decades running retail businesses. At T-ROC, we are this merchandising partner.

The T-ROC Team

From the top down, we’ve spent the better part of our work lives as retail entrepreneurs. We’ve seen it all and done it all, from running sales floors to launching new products and promotions to creating innovative merchandising solutions. With T-ROC, you get a team of retail experts who understand the entire sales lifecycle, and how to augment your merchandising efforts with new technologies, new training programs, and new ways of looking at how well your retail operations service customers, and ultimately, drive revenue. T-ROC aslo offers insights into different aspects of retail marketing such as brand ambassadors, advertising, merchandising consultants, staffing, in-store demos and more.

Advanced Merchandising Technology And Retail Services

One of the most important advantages T-ROC brings as your merchandiser is a unique fluency in the latest retail technologies. We continue to operate at the forefront of retail innovations and we leverage these breakthroughs to drive your merchandising solutions.

Intelligent Data Capture

Applying proprietary smart form technology, in-store sensors, AI, robots and other data capture solutions, as well as pulling data from relevant third-party sources, we’re able to paint a clear and accurate picture of your retail venues and customers. What do they want in terms of service and selection? What merchandising programs are working ? Where do new product and placement opportunities lie? Actionable data allows for powerful insights that can be used to drive informed retail sales and merchandising decisions.

Inventory Management

Real-time visibility into store conditions, as well as regular inventory audits at the store level, make sure shelves remain stocked with product and every display in your store appears exactly as it was intended. This increases customer engagement and minimizes the likelihood of lost sales due to a lack of replenished items or poor store appearance.

Product Launch and Promotions

A good merchandiser knows how to drive new product introductions and create effective promotions to generate sales. At T-ROC, we leverage our retail experience and resources to help you strategize every aspect of these unique merchandising programs - messaging, signage, product placement, customer service, training, email correspondence, and more.

Team and Merchandising Compliance

Regular in-person audits by field teams using T-ROC’s proprietary operations and merchandising software give you consistent coverage at a store-by-store level. Field teams make scheduled visits to capture real-time photos and details to ensure products, promotional materials, end caps, and displays remain in full compliance with your specific merchandising standards.

Customized Reporting

Merchandising is a fluid discipline and being able to immediately identify and respond to changing conditions and potential challenges is a priority. T-ROC provides custom reports that distill merchandising data and metrics into clear and digestible formats. You’ll view store-level reports built around your unique company requirements that detail information exactly the way you want to see it. This allows you to be nimble, adapting and altering your merchandising efforts for faster issue resolution and improved results.

The Right Merchandising And Service Team

Without a skilled merchandiser leading your efforts, no matter how much work you put in, you won’t see optimal returns. Our T-ROC merchandising team is made up of retail experts who are measured regularly, receive ongoing training, and follow strategic processes put in place to ensure their success and yours. We also offer in-store staffing solutions because a big part of successful merchandising is making sure service teams understand your products, your stores and your customers’ needs.

An End-to-End Approach

At T-ROC, we look at merchandising with a “bigger” lens than most retail services companies. We view it as part of an end-to-end retail solution, created around your specific needs, that includes staffing, IT, sales training, facilities management, email and online services, and other key areas of your retail operation. With T-ROC, you’ll drive sales with the industry’s finest merchandising services, but you’ll also have access to a full menu of sister retail services integrated by our experts to optimize revenue and maximize ROI.

Comprehensive Merchandising Services
Top Brands Trust T-ROC

Comprehensive Merchandising Services

We know how to make stores, kiosks, markets and pop-up retail venues shine.

T-ROC was founded to elevate the performance of brick and mortar retail, and we provide a full range of merchandising services to improve the performance of your venues. These include optimizing:

Store appearance

Product displays and endcaps

In-store signage

Shelf space

Aisle configuration

Store flow

High-definition video displays

Interactive product demonstration areas

Specialized lighting and fixtures

Customer service

Top Brands Trust T-ROC

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