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Outsource your headache and save time with a Retail Staffing Agency

  • Feb 2, 2021
  • 9 mins read


Retail Staffing: Why Brands and Retailers Use Staffing Agencies Rather Than Going It Alone.

Retail is and will always be a people-driven business. While it’s true that new technologies and the emergence of e-commerce are providing exciting new ways for customers to shop, nothing will ever replace face-to-face sales.

There’s just something about dealing with a trained and friendly expert who’s there to help you that makes the shopping experience a lot more comfortable and enjoyable for most people.

Of course, 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic shook things up in the retail industry and staffing challenges took on a whole different meaning with an entirely new list of customer engagement considerations like sanitized stores, touchless engagement, limiting the number of sales reps on the floor, as well as limiting the number of customers allowed inside stores.

The truth is, retail will most likely find itself facing a new normal even as the nation, and the world, for that matter, gradually emerge from the pandemic and slowly begin to enjoy some sort of business-as-usual conditions.

While none of us can be entirely sure what the future will look like for brick-and-mortar sales, there is one certainty. Retail staffing will continue to play an integral role in the success of brands and retailers. Shoppers will long for that one-on-one connection they missed out on during the crisis. Things might look a little different, but trained sales professionals who know how to provide exceptional customer service must continue to be a priority for any retail business looking to succeed. The right retail staffing partner can be a big advantage in this regard.

What Is A Retail Staffing Agency?
First, it’s important to distinguish retail staffing services from traditional staffing agencies. There are a lot of placement companies out there that specialize in filling full- and part-time positions in a variety of industries. Retail staffing agencies are focused solely on providing expert sales and service professionals to brands and retailers. These hires might work in brand stores, big-box retailers, specialty stores, or department stores. They also might work special sales events, pop-up stores, mall kiosks, and other physical retail environments. The key is that they are trained retail specialists who understand the art of selling and the importance of great customer service.

Are you getting the most of your retail staffing programs? Are you finding the right kind of people to meet your staffing needs? If not, maybe it’s time to learn more about one of the retail industry’s leading staffing companies? Or, set up a free consultation to discuss your retail staffing needs in detail.

Why Go With A Retail Staffing Agency?
There are a lot of reasons to outsource staffing if you’re a brand or a retailer. Most of them boil down to saving time, lowering costs, and avoiding the headaches that come with locating and staffing the right people. Here are a few advantages the right retail staffing agency can bring to the table.

Recruiting The Right Talent
Finding good people is no easy task. In fact, many brands and retailers who handle their own staffing needs find one of the biggest challenges is simply locating and identifying talented people. This is one big reason to use a reputable retail staffing partner. Good staffing agencies have a pool of great talent already in place nationwide. These are fully vetted retail professionals who can be onboarded right away, taking the headaches and hassles out of having to handle recruitment yourself.

Staffing To Fit Your Short And Long-Term Needs
Another advantage of working with a retail staffing agency is the ability to quickly onboard talent that meets your scheduling and timing needs. For example, most brands and retailers find themselves understaffed during the holidays and other peak periods. Reputable agencies are equipped to handle holiday staffing requirements quickly and easily, whether it’s adding temporary holiday staff to handle extended sales hours or adding teams to work after hours dealing with replenishment and merchandising. The point is, when staffing issues arise, a good staffing partner is poised to handle them quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Interview Process and Onboarding
Do you really want to sift through emails full of resumes and spend hours interviewing potential candidates to fill your retail sales positions? You don’t have to when you work with a retail staffing agency. Everything is handled on your behalf. For starters, the best retail staffing agencies begin the process already working with a vetted pool of talent. But the job of a staffing agency isn’t merely to bring you a long list of qualified candidates, it’s to find the perfect candidates to fill your available positions.

A good retail staffing partner makes it a point to understand your specific staffing requirements. It then handles the interviewing process on your behalf, whittling down the long list of candidates to a shortlist featuring the cream of the crop. A good staffing agency also handles the entire onboarding process – paperwork, background checks, drug testing, and all the other hiring protocol – so you get the best possible people without doing the heavy lifting when it comes to locating and hiring new employees.

Extensive Sales and Service Training
When you take on your own staffing, the responsibilities that fall on your shoulders extend well beyond recruiting and onboarding. It’s also up to you to make sure your new employees are well-versed in your store policies, service standards, sales approach, and all the compliance systems you have in place. Partner with the right retail staffing agency and this is taken off your plate. A good staffing agency will also provide extensive employee training, both in general sales and customer service, as well as in the particulars of how your retail business runs, the rules and standards you have in place, and the expectations you have for the position being filled. Training should include both classroom instruction and on-the-floor training to support new staff members in any number of ways including:

– Service training
Sales training
– Issue resolution
– Systems training
– Merchandising compliance
– Inventory management
– SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
– Reporting
– And any other area of the retail business staff impacts

Whether full-time, part-time, holiday staffing, flex-time, or any other position, when employees come to you from a staffing agency they should be professional, polished, poised, and ready to hit the ground running.

Staffing In Tune With Your Standards And Values
The right staffing partner is one that strives to live up to your own corporate standards and core values. Even better, they might work to surpass them. This requires a partnership built on open communication and mutual trust. An effective staffing agency gets to know your business on a deeper level than sales and revenue. As your partner, they make an effort to understand what your company stands for, the qualities your people embody, the values you hold true, and the mission you collectively share as a company. The only way to bring you the right people is to understand exactly the kind of person you’ll be proud to add to your sales and service team.

Technology-Enabled Staffing
Many of the top retail staffing agencies bring their clients proprietary technologies and off-the-shelf digital solutions to support and streamline the staffing process. Technologies are used to facilitate the hiring and onboarding process. They also provide continued support after a candidate is hired, including technology-based ongoing training and certification programs, staff scheduling, and other programs. Retail is in the midst of a technological revolution and staffing is one area that’s benefitting from new digital solutions.

National And International Coverage
If you’re a brand or retailer with locations across the country, or even around the world, one of the biggest staffing challenges you might face is finding a consistent level of talented professionals in the different regions in which you operate. By working with a leading retail staffing agency, that problem is solved. You’ll gain access to a pool of retail professionals stationed from coast-to-coast and beyond who have already been vetted by the agency. Wherever you find yourself needing staffing help, you’ll know that there are good people ready and able to deliver great service the moment you call your staffing agency.

Staffing Solutions That Deliver Measurable ROI
Job one for a retail staffing agency is to bring you the best people to fill your staffing requirements. However, you also want a staffing partner that makes sense from a fiscal perspective. After all, the reason you’re using a retail staffing agency in the first place is to make life easier. This won’t happen if the solutions they bring you don’t equate to a measurable return on investment. A quality staffing partner will pay off in bottom-line performance. Better people lead to greater performance, and thus, increased sales and revenue for the company. A streamlined staffing process leads to a lower cost-per-hire. Fewer headaches might not be a bottom-line reason to go with a staffing agency. But then, can you really put a price on adding a little peace-of-mind when answering your staffing challenges?

The retail industry was never one to remain static. However, the recent pandemic crisis has resulted in some changes and new challenges that no one could have predicted. We’re still waiting to see exactly where they take our industry. That being said, retail will always be a relationship business. At its core, it’s still about providing trusted expertise, caring service, and a great shopping experience, which is why staffing will always be a top priority. As a brand or retailer, you can take on staffing yourself. Or, you can save yourself the time, money, and headaches of going it alone by partnering with a proven retail staffing agency. We’re in a people-driven business. You can’t go wrong by making sure the people on your sales floor are the very best.

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