How to stay ahead of staffing needs during the Holidays

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It’s that time of year again

Are you ready to gear up (and staff up) for the holiday rush?

The holidays are a joyful time of year. But we all know the season comes with a unique set of challenges and many new responsibilities. For the nation’s brands and retailers, one of the biggest issues is hiring full- and part-time employees to help keep up with throngs of shoppers clamoring to find the perfect gift.

After all, this is a make it or break it period and no retailer can afford to miss out on some of the strongest selling weeks of the year. Staffing for the holidays presents a number of important considerations. Here are a few you’ll need to work out if you want keep up that cheerful spirit this season.

Scheduling Full-Timers and Part-Timers

One of the toughest holiday staffing challenges is mixing and matching full- and part-time employees. You have permanent staff looking to make the most of the peak sales season. There are employees who desire a little added flexibility, so they can enjoy time off with family and still get in those quality hours. Then, there are the part-timers who are there to help out and make a little extra money, but who also don’t appreciate feeling second-fiddle to regular staff.

It’s up to retailers to manage all employees in ways that allow them to be their best. Sometimes that means finding a staffing partner who understands your business and is ready to step in and alleviate some of those holiday staffing and scheduling headaches.  

Holiday Burnout

Yes, it’s a holiday. But boy, can it get exhausting!  For starters holiday shifts tend to be busier and more demanding than ordinary days on the job. Add the usual stresses, be it the irritating uncle, the nosey in-laws, or the simple pressure of finding the time to go shopping yourself, and it’s easy to see why many working the season, find it hard to balance the job with the holiday.

It’s up to retailers to find ways to keep their staff motivated and delivering service that’s professional, friendly, and makes sure customers get the holiday experience they need and deserve.

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Staffing & Economics

Staffing up for the holidays is an investment in both time and money. It’s critical for retailers to find the right people for the job. You need employees who add value to customers, not more headaches to the hiring process. Where do you find the best people for your holiday needs? Where do you source employees that will turn out to be smart additions to the season? Many brands and retailers turn to companies, like The Retail Optimization Companies (T-ROC), a sales-driven team trusted by Fortune 500 companies to provide staffing solutions. 

A Few Helpful Scheduling Tips To Avoid Holiday Staffing Woes

Everyone wants to do a great job, but it’s up to you to manage the entire holiday team so everyone stays happy and productive. According to an article that appeared in Chain Store Age, scheduling is one of the hardest parts of managing retail employees – particularly during the holidays. They offered up some insider secrets that might help you this year.

  • Consider Allowing Employees To Self-Schedule: Give staff a little more control over their own hours by offering some self-scheduling options. Allow employees to switch shifts, adjust availability and work with each other to cover shifts. This is made easier when you use a technology-enabled staffing and scheduling solution, such as that offered by T-ROC. 
  • Review Last Year’s Patterns: Examine your holiday season shopping patterns from last year to get a better idea of peak times, so you can adjust scheduling accordingly.
  • Pool Holiday Talent: If you have multiple locations, hiring seasonal employees in a pool rather than assigning them to specific locations, just might be your best bet. This not only gives hires a bit of added flexibility, it allows you to boost or reduce staff quickly and efficiently based on individual location needs.
  • Incentivize Hard-To-Fill Shifts: There are always some time slots that are harder to cover than others. Consider incentivizing employees to work those shifts. It can be in the form of overtime pay or other benefits you can offer. It’s a great way to keep the staff you have happy and those tough job shifts covered.

Why Go It Alone? Your Best Bet Might Be A Holiday Staffing Partner

If you’re like most retailers, you have enough on your holiday plate without adding staffing. Why not consider partnering with an expert who can handle the heavy holiday lifting for you? A proven leader like T-ROC will bring you a national workforce and a technology-driven staffing solution that enables hiring on your terms. So you can focus on making the most of the holiday shopping season. Learn more by visiting       T-ROC online.

Looking To Make A Little Extra Money During The Holidays?

If you’re an outgoing salesperson who could use a little bonus cash this year, there’s a great chance we have work for you. T-ROC is hiring for the holiday rush on behalf of top brands and retailers nationwide. We currently have a variety of job openings that include flexible part-time hours throughout the holidays. To find the perfect opportunity for your needs, visit the T-ROC job portal today.


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