Retail Sales and Operations

Skin In The Game With Xfinity.

T-ROC owns and operates stores across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Xfinity is the largest cable and services provider in the United States. T-ROC is one of the top 3rd party retailers for the brand, independently owning and operating stores across the Midwest and in the northeast.

14 stores
and counting
Data & Insights + Inventory + Staffing + Logistics
Over 270,000 square feet
of Retail Space – Optimized!
Over 700 SKUs
More than 100 people converting
hundreds of thousands of sales!

Our Xfinity locations rank among the top in the nation thanks to T-ROC end-to-end solutions. If it crushes it in our stores, we can adapt it to skyrocket performance in yours, too.

More case studies

Walmart (RFID)

When America’s largest retailer needed a better way to manage in-store and online apparel inventory, T-ROC stepped with an RFID solution tailor made for results.


When the nation’s largest retailer calls on you for help, it’s certainly an opportunity to up your game. But even we were blown away by this one.
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