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What is Omnipresence Marketing & Why Should You be Using It?

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Some call it omnipresent. Others call it omni-channel marketing. Whatever vernacular you prefer, what it really means is meeting your customers on their terms, everywhere they happen to be – whether that’s shopping in the physical world or clicking their way through the cyber and social universes.

Omnipresence may sound rather impossible at first blush. After all, it requires a business to think entirely differently and in broader strokes than ever before – in terms of media, marketing, industry best practices, time management, people, and many other key selling areas.

So how does it work? How can your company go omnipresent? It might first help to understand what omnipresence doesn’t mean by examining the trappings many brands and retailers find themselves falling into when building an omnipresent strategy.

Omnipresence Is NOT Simply About Adding More Media And Marketing Channels

This is the one big mistake companies make when developing an omnipresent sales strategy. They think solely in terms of volume and coverage. Granted, there’s something to be said for a casting a big net, however, omnipresent isn’t just about saturating the market.

Blasting out a barrage of emails, posting an endless stream of blogs, engaging your social media community, and creating more convenient in-store experiences do not, on their own, constitute a solid omnipresent strategy.

This is because omnipresence isn’t about more, more, more. It’s about taking the time and making the effort to show your customers that your business is committed to building a personal, meaningful, honest and mutually beneficial relationship. It’s about always showing people you know they have busy lives and plenty of other options out there – and you are the one company that engages with them on their terms. 

Omnipresence requires more than marketing your business across multiple channels. It demands having a consistent message, a relevant benefit, and an interactive engagement everywhere and every time your audience experiences your brand and products – from first contact to final sale to loyal follower.

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An Example Of How An Omnipresent Plan Might Work For A High-Value Brand

While any retail business can benefit from the marketing power of a strong omnipresent program, those selling high-value products – things like smartphones and tablets, household appliances, internet and cable services – are among the industries that can realize the greatest benefits. These products are more expensive to purchase and tend to have longer sales lifecycles than fast-moving goods. So, let’s use this category as our example. How might these businesses apply the concept of omnipresence to help win people over? Let’s examine.

A customer is shopping for a new smartphone. She visits the website of her favorite provider and does a little browsing. She clicks through her many options but seems to be in no rush to make up her mind. Her cart remains empty.

However, before leaving the site, she’s engaged by the brand with an offer to receive online updates. It’s an easy, no-headaches way to learn about new products and services, which is certainly in-line with her current needs, so she signs up.

A day later, she receives a personal email, welcoming her to the family and offering 15% off her next purchase, including that great new cell phone she was looking at the day before. She’s intrigued, but, at the moment, preoccupied, and takes no immediate action.

Later that evening, as our customer is checking in with her favorite social media community, she once again receives a friendly reminder about the discount waiting for her and highlighting a few exciting features of her potential new phone. She’s intrigued and clicks back through to the company’s website.

Here, discount code at the ready, she finally makes the purchase. However, her omnipresent experience is far from over. Rather than having the phone delivered, she’s opted for an in-store pick-up. Perhaps, she still has a few questions?

The next morning, our customer heads to her nearby retailer where she’s greeted by a salesperson who has her phone ready, answers all her questions, shows off the phone’s amazing features using a captivating in-store digital display, and even assists her with transferring her personal data.

Upon logging into her email (using her new phone, of course), our customer is congratulated on her recent purchase and invited to join the company’s referral program – a way for her to win further discounts and assist her friends and family in making their own wise decisions.

This is marketing! Now, our company has a happy and loyal customer, plus the chance to convert a whole new audience of potential users. This is what’s possible when you’re everywhere your customers shop and socialize. It might not be that first contact that wins them over, but if you really get to know them and become the brand they identify with and trust – then the well will never run dry. And that’s something only omnipresence can accomplish.


Omnipresent Marketing Can Start In-Store

Let’s take our above example. Say our customer began her shopping journey in a brick-and-mortar store, rather than online? Well, thanks to new digital retail technologies, her omnipresent experience can begin anywhere – including in a physical retail location.

The emergence of Retail 4.0 is a marketing game-changer for brands that rely on face-to-face sales. It takes the best practices developed in the e-commerce universe and applies them to the physical shopping experience. The result is a tidal wave of omnipresent marketing potential.

Brett Beveridge, Founder and President of The Retail Optimization Companies (T-ROC), a leading retail management provider, serving some of the world’s top brands and retailers, put it like this, “We’re seeing a whole new generation of retail marketing technologies that are redefining the in-store shopping journey. Mobile tools are enabling engagement at the point of sale that can capture customer data, show off products like never before, and improve the knowledge and service of sales staff. Brick and mortar stores have always been essential for top brands and retailers, now they’re a critical component of building an effective omnipresent marketing program.”

Being everywhere takes every advantage you can get. Companies like T-ROC are bringing omnipresent strategies to brick-and-mortar retailers by integrating technologies that allow them to extend the sales conversation well beyond initial store visits.

  • Capture valuable customer data on-site in just minutes
  • Send automated emails with personalized offers
  • Reach out to offer free in-home demos or sales calls
  • Invite customers to attend special events and sales
  • Send people reminders via social media channels

Think Omnipresent And Become A Market Leader

When your brand goes everywhere your customers go, something special happens.

People think of you first – you become top-of-mind when it’s time to make a purchasing decision. That means direct visits to your stores and/or your website.

You become the authority – People trust the brands they experience regularly.

You stand outA great omnipresent program effectively distinguishes your company from your competition.

You increase conversions – Marketing that connects with the lifestyles and needs of your customers generates sales, repeat business, and long-term loyalty. 

The Takeaway

Today’s world is connected like never before. Each day, people receive more content and messages than they can possibly digest. So how will you stand out? You need a marketing program that goes everywhere and says all the right things. That’s the secret of an effective omnipresent marketing strategy.

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