Retail Marketing Services

Driving retail sales is a multi-channel and multi-disciplinary challenge. It takes an approach to marketing and merchandising designed to optimize every area of your retail business, as well as the experience and resources to put those plans into action and get real results.

At T-ROC, we maximize sales and operational performance through comprehensive retail marketing services that are deployed using the power of people and technology. We bring these services together in ways no other partner can – to drive operations, direct marketing, improve customer engagement, and transform your online and brick and mortar environments into sales engines that deliver measurable returns on your investment. T-ROC offers insights into different aspects of retail marketing such as brand ambassadors, in-store demos, staffing, and more.

Better Marketing Insight

At T-ROC, we employ new digital retail technologies to drive performance in your stores and venues. From the latest advancements in intelligent data capture to AI, robots and sensors, we’ll help you gain a clear understanding of your customers’ needs, wants, and shopping habits, as well as a real-time look at how well your retail operations are meeting them. Leveraging this insight, T-ROC helps you build sales programs that reach the goals you set and get the numbers you deserve.

Experiential Marketing Services

We’re experts at increasing retail sales through special events and other unique customer experiences. Create more than a retail outlet. Create an inspiring new retail environment that connects with customers and moves them to act.

Omni-Channel Retail Services

Maybe you’re an online brand looking to expand into the brick and mortar world? Or, maybe you’re an in-store retailer looking to grow online performance? At T-ROC, we understand the importance of performing across both channels and we build strategies to help accelerate that symbiotic sales relationship.

Merchandising Services

At T-ROC, one of the most important components of our retail marketing services is merchandising. For us, this means measuring every aspect of how your stores look and feel to customers. From traditional considerations like shelf space, end caps and displays to new ways of looking at retail, such as incorporating digital video, interactive tools, advanced lighting, and better staff training to improve customer engagement and the retail shopping journey.

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