Command attention with Interactive retail store displays

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  • calendar Dec 4, 2018
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Merchandising Spotlight: Interactive Retail Displays

Walk into most any major department store, and you can’t miss it. Customers gathered around an interactive display or kiosk. What’s the attraction? For starters, they’re fun, captivating and entertaining. Interactive displays give customers to opportunity to see what your product looks like in action, customize a product, or even buy it on the spot. Customers are drawn to them because of the need to touch, feel and experience products before they buy them. Interactive displays have the opportunity to engage customers in a way that static displays can’t.

Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your interactive display.

Keep your message on brand and up-to-date.

Keep your messaging clear and consistent. You want customers to remember not just the cool bells and whistles of the interactive experience but your product and the brand. And make sure that you have a retail associate tasked with updating the display to reflect price changes, special promotions and keeping it fully operational.

Have a clear call to action.

What do you want customers to do? Print out what the specifications of the product they just tried, with clear directions as to where to find it in the store? Place an order? Find an associate to assist with their purchase? Once you’ve captured their attention, ensure that it’s clear what you want customers to do next.

Make sure you have the right staffing

There’s no question that retailers are facing a labor shortage. With a healthy economy and low employment, it’s a challenge to find qualified retail merchandisers with the technical expertise to set-up, maintain and monitor interactive displays, which are becoming increasingly complex. Working with a company like T-ROC, which has a national network of retail merchandisers, ensures that you have a team of retail experts at the ready.

T-ROC offers fully integrated, cost-effective merchandising solutions, including new-store set-up, display builds, Planogram maintenance, compliance audits, new product introduction, retail analysis, product fulfillment and much more. T-ROC’s merchandising solutions are part of a comprehensive suite of services that provide a full end-to-end sales solution that enables manufacturers and retailers to fulfill all their sales performance needs. Also make sure to check out our retail merchandising consultants  and  retail visual merchandising page







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