MSPA Americas Welcomes Sam Hersey As New President Of Board Of Directors

MSPA America


MSPA Americas, the trade association representing the customer experience management and measurement industry, recently announced its 2020 Board of Directors. Sam Hersey, co-founder of The Consumer Insight, a core member of The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), will be the association’s new president.

Hersey, a well-known voice of MSPA Americas is a long-time member of the organization and a long-standing advocate for improving retail shopping experiences through better engagement and understanding, was named to the position with the heartfelt support of its membership.

No stranger to the mission MSPA Americas proudly champions – supporting, influencing and improving the customer experience through education, research, networking and metrics – Hersey has been at the forefront of helping companies better serve their customers for more than 25 years.

In July of 2012, Hersey co-founded The Consumer Insight, a pioneering leader in gathering and analyzing detailed consumer metrics through a variety of services, most notably, Mystery Shopping. A core member of The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), The Consumer Insight provides retailers with immediate visibility into the factors impacting the shopping experience, the sales conversation, and the long-term relationship retailers must build with customers in order to win their business today and in the future.

A Life Spent Advancing The Customer Experience.

Hersey has devoted his entire career to the art of understanding customers, serving some of the most recognizable brands around the world.  Today, as the Chief Operating Officer of The Consumer Insight, he continues to spearhead a variety of service offerings, including mystery shopping, compliance auditing, customer survey programs, brand ambassador programs, merchandising services, product launch services, and workforce solutions for more than 100 clients, spanning all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe.

“We couldn’t be prouder of Sam and the incredible work he does every day in retail and customer experience analysis,” touted Brett Beveridge, CEO and Founder of The Revenue Optimization Companies. “It’s a privilege to see him alongside esteemed colleagues in our industry who are all committed to doing great things for MSPA Americas. They couldn’t have picked a person than Sam to lead them into 2020.”

MSPA Americas connects and supports the businesses that influence the customer experience through managing, quantifying, interpreting, enhancing and re-defining the customer experience. Widely recognized as the leader in customer service experience measurement, management, and training, MSPA Americas is made up of member companies that provide these services to a variety of industries. The association strengthens the customer experience industry by uniting the efforts and actions of its members and supporting the businesses they serve.

Upon stepping into his new role as President, Hersey will be supported by an impressive 2020 MSPA Americas Board of Directors, which includes a who’s who of retail influencers:

  • Vice President: Paul Ryan, President, Secret Shopper
  • Treasurer: Stan Hart, Chief Executive Officer, Alta360 Research Inc.
  • Immediate Past President: Charles Stiles, President, Business Evaluation Services
  • Director at Large: Jason Bare, Global Vice President, BARE International
  • Director at Large: Elaine Buxton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Confero
  • Director at Large: Vicki Dempsey, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Jancyn
  • Director at Large: Jane Edwards-Hall, President, Grove Partnerships
  • Director at Large: Tyler Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer, 360 Intel
  • Director at Large: Dana Stetzer, President, BestMark
  • Governor: Rich Bradley, President and Chief Executive Officer, CX Orlando

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