2017 Top Private Companies List (#53)

On Thursday, February 16, 2017, South Florida Business Journal presented the 2017 Best Places to Work Awards, a program that celebrates excellence and employee satisfaction in the workplace. We are thrilled to announce that The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), received the second-place award in the Large Company category.

“Our team dynamic and family approach to office culture has not only helped the company excel but has enabled our team to grow and become a powerful machine,” said Brett Beveridge, president and CEO of The Revenue Optimization Companies. “We provide excellent customer service for our clients across the country and that experience begins at home. We offer unique benefits and added values to our team members that encourages all of us to work hard together while also enjoying our personal lives.”

Awards were presented in three categories, Small (10 to 49 employees), Medium (50 to 99 employees) and Large (100 + employees) in a countdown format to the number one ranked company in each category. Each honoree company was presented with a custom plaque and invited up onto stage for photos. All honoree companies were notified in December and rankings were announced at the awards luncheon.

T-ROC is home to four sales solutions companies that enable clients to fulfill all of their sales performance needs:

  • The Retail Outsource: an in and out of store sales performance management company
  • Mobile Insight: real-time field reporting and business intelligence
  • The Consumer Insight: full-service customer experience analysis
  • SYMBITS: managed IT services

The four companies under the T-ROC umbrella provide a unique combination of solutions. These solutions can be used independently, but are most effective when used together. All of T-ROC’s solutions are designed to increase sales and reduce costs through the power of people and technology.

To learn more about The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), visit www.trocglobal.com


#2 – The Revenue Optimization Companies

30-second cocktail party pitch: Our company model is diverse, with lines of business focusing on wireless sales, repairs and IT technology that enables companies to be successful. Thereby the work is really interesting. When employees walk through the door, they are encouraged to think about what is possible and are required to challenge the norm and question why things are done in a certain manner.

Nothing is taboo or off limits in order to make the business stronger. Employees are expect to reimagine working in an environment that thrives in times of change and celebrates wins and understands losses as a team.

Employees come to realize it’s refreshing to work in a place where co-workers reach their hand out to help you be successful – and also to catch you when you are falling.

T-ROC continually hosts celebrations that bring employees together. The company’s monthly and annual awards recognize top performers and employees who truly embody the T-ROC culture.

The company’s diverse lines of national business allow talent to move to different projects and be exposed to various aspects of the business in order to grow their abilities.

Sometimes, the simplest changes drive employee satisfaction. A change from business casual to casual – including jeans – rocketed employee satisfaction and engagement. Last year, they also designed a new logo and brand. Employees came to understand the “why” behind company business strategies and how their work contributes to the bottom line. The experience also bolstered employee pride, says Leighann McGinnis, the company’s VP of people attraction and experience.

Company culture in five words: Entrepreneurial, customer focused, risk-takers, fun and non-bureaucratic.