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Retail Business Intelligence: Data, Analytics & Insights That Drive Performance

Only T-ROC has the digital solutions and best practices to improve every area of your business.

How data smart is your business? We’re not asking whether or not you gather intelligence. But are you capturing the right data and using it to reveal actionable insights that lead to dramatic improvements across the sales lifecycle? This is where T-ROC shines.

Solutions For A Retail 4.0 World

Advancements in digital technology are changing the game in retail. The status quo is being disrupted by a new wave of business intelligence solutions that allow you to connect with customers, improve field performance, fuel marketing programs, guide merchandising, and see all your sales channels with unmatched clarity and visibility. The question is, “are you making the most of them?”

Dig Deeper Into Your Business With The Right Data

Today, winning in retail means putting the right data and analytics in front of the right people. It means digging deeper across your operations, so you can make bold decisions based on intelligence that you are certain is relevant and reliable. This is the superpower of intelligent data. And nobody does it for brands and retailers better than T-ROC.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
Key Features And Benefits
T-ROC – A Bigger Big Picture
Operational Intelligence
Stronger Customer Engagement
Customized Dashboards and Reports
Omnichannel Sales Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Only one retail team combines propriety data and analytics technology with other data sources and best practices to deliver insights that accelerate performance, maximize sales and optimize ROI – that’s T-ROC.

15% Same Staff Store Coverage Increase

2-3x Faster Issue Resolution

85% Reduced Field Admin Time

Up to 50% Sales Performance Increase

Key Features And Benefits

A data solution from T-ROC is built around your specific business retail needs and environments. Not only do you get the latest digital and data technologies. You get them driven by a proven retail team – entrepreneurs who’ve spent their lives building and growing retail businesses. We’ll help you see the big picture, and we’ll work alongside you to leverage these insights in ways that propel your business forward.

Automated Escalations and Task Management

Use T-ROC’s multiple data sources to drive automated escalations and create targeted team member tasks. Resolve issues quicker. Maintain store and team compliance. Empower all your players to be their best by giving each one clear responsibilities and specific goals.

T-ROC – A Bigger Big Picture

Many digital retail solutions rely solely on smart forms to capture data. But that’s just not good enough if you want the whole story. At T-ROC, we combine smart forms with data drawn from additional sources, including AI, robots, RFID, in-store sensors and smart mats, weather and traffic data, and much more.

Retail Operations

You get a 360-degree view of your retail operations. Know when, why and how customers are shopping and where they’re coming from to visit your stores. Identify peak traffic hours and measure performance by location, region, time of day, product selection, and any other indictors you want to measure.

Retail Business Intelligence

With T-ROC, you get the precise retail business intelligence that matters to you - and you get all of it.

Operational Intelligence

Fully customizable smart forms allow field teams and in-store personnel to capture real-time location data, supported by on-the-spot photos.

You’ll see stores exactly as they appear to your customers, including merchandising, end cap displays, promotional and marketing materials, cleanliness, pricing, and more.

Real Time Sales Data

See what’s selling and what’s not. Track and schedule product inventory based on real-time sales data. Make necessary adjustments quicker and more effectively. Set goals and performance indicators. Schedule visits and track field personnel with our patented GPS-enabled feature to ensure compliance. Receive immediate notifications when issues arise.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Knowing exactly how you’re performing across your operations will help you make confident decisions that fuel key business outcomes.

Stronger Customer Engagement

When you’re able to experience the customer journey yourself with real-time visibility, it’s much easier to connect with them in meaningful ways. From the products you carry, to your marketing messages, to the personal service you provide in-store and online, our data and analytics solutions help shape a successful engagement strategy.

Mobile Engagement

We can also integrate a mobile engagement solution that provides instant access to critical information at the point of sale - product details, usage information, warranties, frequently asked questions and more - so your salespeople can provide even better customer service. Our software also captures vital customer information, so you can continue the sales conversation via email marketing, texts, and social media marketing.

Customized Dashboards and Reports

Examine your retail business, top to bottom, inside and out by transforming data into powerful business intelligence.

Raw business data is pointless unless you’re able to extract workable retail intelligence from it.

How you leverage data and analytics is what really matters

That’s why our solution features customized daily, weekly, and monthly reports that reveal everything you need to know. Data is distilled and displayed on intuitive dashboards that crystalize team performance, store sales, marketing, inventory, products, pricing, traffic, competitive intel and any other KPI’s you dictate into actionable insights.

Omnichannel Sales Success

T-ROC data solutions make it easy to align your brick and mortar experiences with your e-commerce programs – inventory, pickup and delivery options, returns, sales, staffing, special events, in-store demos, product introductions, advertising, marketing, you name it. 

Retail and E-commerce working together

We help you exceed expectations and deliver a consistent experience across all your sales channels because that’s what today’s customer demands from brands and retailers.

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