Retail 4.0

A Digital Plan For Brick and Mortar Success

News flash. Without a comprehensive and immediate digital solution driving your brick and mortar retail operations, you’re going to be left in the old-school dust. This is the age of Retail 4.0 and it means re-thinking and retooling the way we look at the customer experience, inventory management, and every area of business operations that impacts your sales and performance.

From how we engage customers to how we manage inventory to how we streamline field operations, Retail 4.0 is disrupting and transforming the status quo and charting new territory by bringing an overarching digital focus to your business. This means being able to gather data, implement powerful IT tools and software to start driving your in-store sales operations through this prism.

As with any giant leap forward, making the most of Retail 4.0 requires a solid plan of action and the ability to execute it.

Our Retail 4.0 Vision

At T-ROC, our Retail 4.0 platform combines the most advanced digital technology with best practices gained over decades of retail experience working hand-in-hand with Global Tier-1 Retailers. Unlike other retail consulting agencies, T-ROC solutions don’t rely solely on advanced electronic forms.

Our Retail 4.0 programs capture process and present valuable insights to our customers. We are unique in implementing a holistic approach to Retail 4, delivering data-driven intelligence from a number of key sources – AI, robots, door swing, and foot traffic sensors, 3PLs, RFID, video, intelligent mats, geographic and demographic sources, and more. We capitalize on the full spectrum of Retail 4.0 possibilities to deliver an end-to-end solution that provides unprecedented visibility across your operations and unmatched insight into your customers. This is how our approach to Retail 4.0 drives better decisions and valuable outcomes.

Improved Sales Performance

Our Retail 4.0 solutions provide real-time visibility into store conditions. Use this information to improve store appearance, employee engagement, and customer experience. See higher conversion rations. Grow basket size and bundles. Drive revenue by making the shopping journey more enjoyable, convenient, and compelling. Support omnichannel engagements, a BOPIS (Buy on-line and pick up in-store) model, crucial to brick and mortar retailers ready to embrace Retail 4.0 as part of the way they operate.

Enhanced Brand Experiences

Gain deep insights into how merchandising, field and 3PL activity, pricing, employee knowledge and engagement, competition, location, time of day, and other factors impact brand experiences. Use these Retail 4.0 insights to drive improvements and generate revenue.

Proactive Decision-Making

Our Retail 4.0 solutions distill internal and external data into crystal-clear, actionable reports that detail performance across your sales lifecycle. Use them to enhance strategic planning; make confident and informed decisions; and drive programs to maximize ROI and customer loyalty.

Better Team and Partner Engagement

The visibility and accountability our Retail 4.0 solutions provide empower and inspire employees, 3PLs, and partners to be their level best. From HQ to the field to the sales floor, you’ll drive productivity, improve job satisfaction, and deliver a better customer experience. The ability to manage in-store conditions in real-time, in every venue is crucial to elevating performance.

Unmatched Visibility.

Our unique vision for Retail 4.0 brings everything together – visibility, engagement, productivity, consumer insights, performance metrics, store appearance, and more – so you know what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change to improve operations and grow sales.

Features & Beneifts

Platform Features
Supported Programs
Brand Value
Retailer Value
Game-Changing Results

Platform Features

Our solutions incorporate relevant Retail 4.0 technology where it’s needed,  with role-based hierarchy and access controls to ensure a scalable, secure solution. We support your retail store and brand operations through a comprehensive range of features.

Traffic and Coverage Modeling

Staff Scheduling & Tracking

Patented Location-Based Compliance Management

Fully Customizable Smart Forms

Dynamic Dashboards

Merchandising, Pricing, Store & Team Analytics

Actionable Notifications

Task Management

Supported Programs

With T-ROC as your Retail 4.0 partner, every key component of brick and mortar success is driven forward. You benefit from real-time visibility across your teams, markets, products, and partners that are only possible by digitally enabling your business using a technology solution built around the unique needs and idiosyncrasies of your retail business. See the big picture and every little detail to make proactive moves with confidence.

Store visits

Opening and closing venue checklists

Merchandising and pricing compliance

Merchandising restock/fulfillment

Assisted sales engagements

One-on-one coaching

Team, Store Associates and Partner training

In-store condition monitoring

Sales and product training

New product launches and promotions

Mystery shopping 

Competitive Intelligence

New product/promotion readiness and launch

Brand Value

T-ROC Retail 4.0 programs deliver the data insights brands need to improve field marketing, 3PL, merchandise, pricing, sales, and operations performance. Our platform makes it simple to manage W2 badged employees, 1099 contracts at 3PLs, or any combination of teams. In a single platform, you can manage a full range of programs, including brand ambassadors, merchandising, assisted selling, training, competitive intelligence, experiential marketing events, product launches, and promotional programs. Combine in-store data and external data sources to understand what is working and what is not. Only T-ROC makes Retail 4.0 work this hard for brands.

Program Insights

Unify your data across programs, 3PLs, and retail locations

Merchandise Insights

See your brand as your customers see it

Sales Insights

Identify key factors impacting revenue - location, merchandise, pricing, time of day, etc.

Team Insights

Ensure compliance and quality of work

Business Insights

Be confident your decisions will yield the desired results

Employee/Partner Insights

Measure team and contractor performance. Track activity and ensure compliance.

Retailer Value

Leveraging powerful data insights, retailers are able to more effectively manage field teams, merchandising, product launch and promotions programs, store operations, in-store conditions, and facilities activities. Our Retail 4.0 platform captures the right, relevant data and puts it in front of the right decision-makers. You get highly targeted data to glean insights that are valuable to exactly what you do, without being mired in extraneous information that isn’t relevant to your success. We distill everything into clear and actionable reports that lead to informed decisions to drive sales and operational excellence.

Program Insights

Unify data and insights across all programs and brand relationships.

Store Insights

Combine data on store appearance and merchandising with field activity and other data for a complete picture of key selling factors.

Conversion Insights

Gain a clear picture of sales performance beyond revenue - customer journey, training, footfall/door swing traffic, and more.

Compliance Insights

Curtail facilities, merchandise, product and promotion issues

Business Insights

Be confident your decision will yield the expected results

Employee/Partner Insights

Leverage geofencing and activity insights to drive performance and compliance

Operations Insights

Concise reporting reveals factors impacting operations and gives you to power to resolve issues. Fast.

Game-Changing Results

No other retail management company has a deeper understanding of this new digital age and what it means for brands and retailers, especially those operating brick and mortar venues. Applying industry best practices, decades of experience working with Global Tier-1 retailers, and the latest intelligent data capture and retail technologies, we deliver measurable results for our clients across their operations. Why do Fortune 500 companies turn to T-ROC to deliver Retail 4.0 solutions? Because the numbers don’t lie.

15% Same Staff Store Coverage Increase

2-3x Faster Issue Resolution

85% Reduced Field Admin Time

Up to 50% Sales Performance Increase

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