Walmart Wears
It Well

It’s Hard Not To Look Good When You Achieve 98% On-Hand Inventory Accuracy.

When the world's largest retailer needed a better way to manage in-store and online apparel inventory, T-ROC stepped in with an RFID solution tailor made for results.

Our RFID team identified items that needed to be tagged and got the job done, delivering an astonishing 98% accuracy level. This is huge considering most retailers are lucky to hit 70%. What does this kind of accuracy mean for our clients?

They operate with full confidence knowing exactly what items they have and where they are located
at all times
They know they have
the right products
in stores, on the sales floor, and ready for BOPIS fulfillment
Physical and online channels are linked, so
sales are never lost
due to inventory mishaps

We expect results this big. Still, it was nice to receive some kudos from our Walmart partners who wrote, “On behalf of all of us and everyone at Walmart – thank you! Your efforts are a critical component to delivering on-hand accuracy to our store and customers.”

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When the nation’s largest retailer calls on you for help, it’s certainly an opportunity to up your game. But even we were blown away by this one.


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