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MSPA Americas Introduces Association Logo Tagline

  • Aug 23, 2021
  • 2 mins read

 New Tagline Reflects the Trade Association’s Evolving Membership 


Orlando, FL (August 23, 2021) MSPA Americas, the trade association representing the customer experience (CX) measurement and retail service provider/merchandising industries, has announced a new tagline to be added to its logo today which reflects the evolving nature of its growing membership. The tagline reads “Creating, Measuring and Enhancing the Customer Journey”. 

“Even during the difficulties of the COVID era, MSPA Americas and many of its member companies have been fortunate to sustain and grow, while diversifying the assortment of services our industry is able to provide clients,” stated MSPA Americas President Sam Hersey. “From our retail services providers, including merchandising suppliers, to our mystery shopping and other CX measurement companies, our members are truly shepherding the total process of the customer journey.” 

MSPA Americas began in 1998 as the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, delivering a unique voice to companies who offer secret shopper services to all types of commercial and governmental entities. Over the next two decades, the association added related business which delivered other forms of customer experience measurement and performance feedback, as well as price/compliance audits, loss prevention, retail services provisions and other elements key to the customer journey. 

“Our association has evolved from members who offered a single service to one which today reflects a diverse group of companies delivering dozens of services which build, monitor and improve the entire customer journey. While we re-branded as MSPA Americas seven years ago to reflect a more inclusive name, our leadership felt it was also important to give more specific context to the powerful roles our members perform in the retail and governmental environment. ‘Creating, Measuring and Enhancing the Customer Journey’ succinctly summarizes the various disciplines and touchpoints that our members impact on that journey”. 

MSPA Americas connects and supports the businesses that create, measure, and enhance the customer journey. Widely recognized as the hub of the leading companies which impact the total customer experience, MSPA Americas strengthens the CX (Customer Experience) and Retail Service Provider industries by uniting the efforts and actions of its members and supporting the businesses they serve. 

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