What Now? Retail in the Face of COVID-19

  • book T-ROC Staff
  • calendar Apr 12, 2020
  • clock 2 mins read


The global COVID-19 pandemic facing us today has far reaching consequences.

First and foremost, health initiatives are important for us all to follow and where available we must all try to do things within our capabilities to slow the spread of the virus and hopefully prevent those close to us from contracting the virus.

Health experts have asked us all to stay at home. This has obvious consequences to many industries and as we see hospitality, travel, manufacturing and retail take unprecedented downturns, we are also experiencing a global need for goods and services that we as a society have categorized as essential.

Within the retail outsource industry, T-ROC has seen the closure of stores, malls and shopping centers make a significant impact to our day-to-day business. But our leadership has seen an opening of where we can also contribute to the growing need for work and employment.

T-ROC has shifted our retail operations expertise and we are redirecting employees that may have a gap from other programs and retrained them to provide essential work during the initial phase of the coronavirus crisis.

T-ROC is making changes and offering new outsourcing services during these times.  We are offering in-demand services such as:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing aisles
  • Unloading trucks and restocking shelves
  • Grocery pick-up orders, curbside drop off
  • Grocery at-home delivery

As we move further into this uncharted territory, we want to do more, and we look for partnerships with other companies that can shift their traditional business model to help us all get through these times… together.

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