The Future of Retail and Brand Advocacy

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  • calendar Feb 23, 2021
  • clock 2 mins read


The necessity for virtual shopping during the pandemic was in a sense easier to manage because for years retailers have understood the need for omnichannel sales that can provide consumers a secure and efficient option to purchase products at online stores to add to their physical stores, led by Amazon and regional market places, during 2020 the shift towards online sales was not a new way to buy, but certainly a more adopted way to buy.

Evidently, trends point to higher online shopping, but customers still have a need for a consultative representative to demonstrate benefits and discuss the value of features during a purchasing decision. We still want a trained advocate to help us learn about the products we are interested in.

Retail personnel outsourcing has been a multibillion-dollar industry because brands and retailers can scale their teams to more points of sale and today that level of representation will demand innovation.

T-ROC is an expert in the retail sales industry and has developed VIBA (Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassadors) to expand a brand’s reach in a safe and efficient way. Through the use of smart displays on the retail floor, both consumers and store personnel can have access to trained brand experts on demand. Online shoppers with questions about a product’s features and benefits will be able to discuss the product with a live representative beyond a chatbot, and retailers will be able to optimize their sales floor to consider health and safety at the same time as providing superb customer satisfaction. VIBA is T-ROC’s pioneering solution to bridging the biggest gap in omnichannel that has myriad applications across all retailers and brands.

The future of retail and brand advocacy will be led by innovation and flexibility; T-ROC stands at that intersection with our focus on people and technology, with omnichannel solutions to optimize revenue and deliver exceptional customer experiences. T-ROC partners with global brands and top retailers to move forward and leverage lessons to increase sales. To discuss your next international project, email Alvaro Pozo, COO and GM of T-ROC International, [email protected].

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