Staying Connected

Staying Connected in Extraordinary Times

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  • calendar Apr 12, 2020
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How the Telecom Industry is Responding to COVID-19

We’re all a part of this new world and staying connected has never been more important than it is now.
As we’re all called up to practice social distancing, connectivity is vital, and carriers that provide wireless services are every bit as important as electric, gas, and water—they are, in essence, utility companies. Of course, along with all the other industries deemed essential, the health and safety of employees and customers is the communications industry’s top priority. Nearly half of all the carrier doors in the U.S. are closed yet select wireless carrier locations remain open to support their customers, so that they have access to critical services like wireless voice and data. Those employees who are working are receiving emergency and “gratitude” pay and being provided with family leave so that parents can be home with their children, who are now home for most likely the rest of the school year. These stores are mindful of the safety of their retail consultants and customers, reducing hours, practicing social distancing, and minimizing contact with customers. The new normal is the continuous cleaning of devices and surfaces; COVID-19 may change the way we interact with demo devices forever.

COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate. Voice, IM and texts are up significantly, while email and web browsing and down, and nearly 50% of all traffic is video. Connectivity is how we’re going to get through this. Connecting to family, friends and co-workers. We’re all in this together, and communications plays a huge role in making sure if we can’t be physically connected, we can still be emotionally connected.

For information on telecom companies, here are links to their COVID-19 responses.

Harold Edwards is Vice President of Business Development for T-ROC, a global leader in end-to-end retail solutions.

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