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Seek And T-ROC Partner To Bring Augmented Reality To Its Virtual Assistant Solution, VIBA

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  • calendar Jun 16, 2021
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With VIBA, retailers can provide product support and visualization to assist customers anywhere, anytime


The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), the leading provider of people and technology solutions for the global retail market, announced its partnership with Seek, a leader of web-based Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, to provide 3D and AR capabilities to T-ROC’s touchless customer engagement and sales solution called VIBA. The added technology to VIBA’s diverse solution arsenal makes the retail dreams of tomorrow available today.

“This partnership signifies a leap forward in enhancing the retail experience for customers and retailers,” said Jon Cheney, CEO and co-founder of Seek. “By combining two pieces of complementary technology we are transforming the customer experience and guiding them seamlessly through the sales process. Our partnership with T-ROC brings added value to the retail experience and the marketing industry as a whole.”

VIBA, which stands for Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador, instantly connects customers by video chat with retail company representatives from either inside a store or from the comfort of their own home. VIBA’s integration of Seek’s AR capabilities enables retailers to provide holistic support to customers by allowing them to view and interact with 3D models of products they are interested in purchasing.

The in-store, AR-enhanced VIBA experience will be headed by touchless signs that customers can interact with to speak to a live or virtual agent, and a microsite that will provide product information and documents, as well as access to true-to-size AR models of products. From home, customers can use the same solution to view products in their own space and request information from representatives. The combination of easy visualization and on-demand customer service will create a seamless buying process that integrates across laptop and mobile devices.

Some of the most recognized brands in the world will soon be launching the new VIBA solution including retailers, manufacturers, and service providers – all of which will benefit from the addition of Seek’s technology effective immediately. Allowing customers to view realistic 3D images of a brand’s products on any device and bring it to life has been proven to increase sales conversion by 150 percent and decrease returns by 25 percent.

“Although VIBA has been in development for several years, the pandemic accelerated the demand for a system that provides touchless, human and virtual support in real time,” said Brett Beveridge, founder and CEO of T-ROC. “By combining live conversation, smart digital signs, QR codes, and full AR visualization of retail products, T-ROC and Seek have created the ability for progressive retailers to incorporate what’s next in their comprehensive omnichannel retail strategies.”

The partnership further supports Seek’s mission to make AR experiences universally accessible to everyone, on any platform, using any device, and allow brands to reap the rewards of AR as a marketing channel.

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