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How to Get a Brand Ambassador

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What is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are customers who publicly promote your brand’s service or products. They are organic fans of your brand and recommend your company of their own accord. Sometimes, businesses choose to partner with brand ambassadors. This means reaching out to organic fans of the brand and offering them an official brand ambassador program partnership.

Ambassadors are usually compensated with free products, discounts, or monetary payment. They may even create a set amount of scheduled content for your company. However, unlike regular brand sponsorships, brand ambassadors promote your company without external encouragement and recommend the brand of their own desire and occasionally without payment.

Ambassadors don’t require a large social media following or to be particularly well-known. Some brand ambassadors simply recommend your products or services in real life without any social media presence. A dentist who recommends a particular brand of floss could be a brand ambassador. However, brands usually partner with ambassadors with at least some social media following, even if they are micro-influencers with less than 10K followers.

Finally, brand ambassadors often serve as educators in the online space and beyond. Some ambassadors will even partner with your sales team to make sure you’re offering the most engaging and relevant content possible. Validation of compliance and fulfillment can also be a service provided by a dedicated brand ambassador, although this is less common.

Where can you find Brand Ambassadors?

Locating brand ambassadors can be difficult, but it is well worth the an eye process. Keepon new customers who praise you publicly or have strong brand loyalty. Identifying people with an affinity for your brand takes awareness, outreach, and sometimes advanced technology.

Convert Brand Ambassadors From Your Website

One way to recruit brand ambassadors is to advertise your brand ambassador program on your company website. Fans of your products who visit the site often will be more likely to see your promotion and reach out about promoting your content.

Announce Ambassador Program With a Customer Email

Your email list is a great place to find brand ambassadors for your company. You can advertise a successful brand ambassador program to your entire email list by sending out a brand ambassador application form. However, you might have more luck reaching out to particularly interactive or loyal customers. A well-curated email list of passionate fans can yield better results when searching for new brand ambassadors.

Post-Purchase Email with Brand Ambassador Invites

Some companies choose to build brand ambassador partnership invites into their email funnel. Post-purchase follow-up emails can accompany invitations to officially represent your business. You can also limit this outreach to customers who purchase very often or large amounts of product to increase your chances of engaging with passionate fans of your company.

Banner or Module in Every Email

A banner or module in every email communication can share your brand ambassador opportunities with everyone who interacts with your company. Casting a wide net can yield more results. Repeat purchasers or those who often use your services are more likely to see these email advertisement campaigns inviting them to represent your company.

Announce Ambassador Program on Social Media

A public announcement on social media can help you identify fans of your business who are active online. Ambassadors with larger social followings will usually be more effective as they’re able to reach a larger audience. Making separate posts on different social media platforms regularly can help you maximize your chances of identifying and partnering with potential online brand ambassadors.

• Call In The Experts

Manually searching for brand enthusiasts or waiting for passive ambassador outreach can be difficult and time-consuming. The most effective way to locate, reach, and partner with brand ambassadors is to utilize a service like T-ROC. Our advanced technology and proven strategies help connect companies to passionate ambassadors who are eager to promote your product.

How to Select Ambassadors

If you’re interested in proactively reaching out to recruit potential ambassadors instead of advertising for applicants, there are a few strategies that can help you identify the best possible partners.

Active On Social Users who post about your products or services on their personal social media page are great potential ambassadors. Since they’ve shown they already have a strong personal brand and active social media presence, you know you’re partnering with someone who is an excellent match for your company. 

You can search for users who have tagged your brand or mentioned your products in a comment to locate potential new ambassadors. Some social media post-monitoring tools can also track mentions from different users on social platforms, which makes identifying potential ambassadors a breeze.

Professionals and Thought Leaders – For some products or services, partnering with authority figures within an industry is a great way to advertise. A real estate service may reach out to local realtors who might be interested in using and promoting their products. A workout instructor may recommend your athletic wear line to their class participants. 

Identifying industry leaders who already use your products is a great way to find ambassadors potential customers will trust. Someone doesn’t have to have their own following online to promote your brand.

What Qualities to Look For in Ambassadors

While there are no hard and fast rules about what makes for a great ambassador, there are a few key qualities you might want to consider. Make sure you consider your particular industry and client base to tailor general suggestions to your clients.

Passion For Your Brand – The best brand advocates will personally use and enjoy your products. A great partner will recommend your services, not only because of compensation, but because they genuinely love your brand and want others to know about it.

Online Social Network – Customers with an extensive social network or engaged social following can be great brand ambassadors. A stronger audience relationship or larger reach will result in maximum gains for your business.

Personal Network – In-person clout is another great signifier that a client may make a good brand ambassador. People who are an authority or particularly successful in your industry are more likely to influence those in their social network.

How to Get Started

  • Define Your Goals

    – A successful brand ambassador program starts with measurable goals. Decide what you want to achieve with your brand ambassador campaigns and how you will gauge results.

  • Select Your Ambassadors

    – As outlined in this article, ambassadors should be chosen based on their organic love of your brand and potential reach.

  • Establish Your Guidelines

    – You’ll want to give ambassadors an outline of what you’d like to see from them. Clearly establish any rules you have for the program and request specific types of content you’d like to see.

  • Additional Training

    – A well-developed brand ambassador program will offer education, training, and support for these valued members of your PR team. T-ROC preps and guides ambassadors to make sure all posted content and engagement is optimized for success.

  • Manage Relationships with Your Ambassadors

    – Stay in contact with your ambassadors and make sure to give them credit, exposure, or any free merch you offer to brand partners. While they are free to manage their own content, it can be beneficial to reach out with any new launches or products for added publicity and buzz.

  • Track Your Ambassador Program

    – Establish KPIs and keep track of the impact your ambassadors have on your company’s brand. Your goal could be to increase sales, raise awareness, or boost total revenue. Personalized codes used by referrals can make tracking this impact easy. This data can be used to see how effective your ambassador program is and decide where to put your effort moving forward.


Are brand ambassadors free?

No, while some brand ambassadors do post or speak about products organically, official brand sponsors are usually compensated. This payment can include exposure, free products, or even monetary rewards. Because they are some of the most loyal customers and champions of your company, it is always a good idea to show band ambassadors how much you appreciate their support.

How are brand ambassadors paid?

Outside of monetary payment, brand ambassadors are commonly compensated with discounted or free products or services. Some companies opt to give a brand ambassador a discount code that can be shared with their followers, thus increasing sales and adding a handy way to track ambassador impact. Exposure or shoutouts on social media are another great way to show support and appreciation for your brand’s partners.

How do I hire a brand ambassador?

The process of partnering with a brand ambassador can be daunting. Companies like T-ROC make it easy to launch an effective ambassador program with minimal effort on your part. However, if you want to invite someone to participate in a brand ambassador program, you can reach out directly. You can also advertise your program via email or ads.

How many followers do you need to be a brand ambassador?

There is no minimum threshold for ambassador followers. In fact, some brand ambassadors are not even active on social media. Ambassadors with any number of followers can be beneficial partners. Micro-influencers tend to have highly engaged audiences with a strong response rate. Larger influencers may not have the same engagement rates, but they make up for it with increased brand exposure and awareness.


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