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How to change your narrative with consumer engagements

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  • calendar Jul 18, 2022
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Those first opening encounters with potential consumers are so critical to a positive retail experience. To make the most of your consumer engagement strategy, considering incorporating these 3 most common reasons to buy with your consumers early in the process.


  • Brands and Assortments
    • It’s human nature for consumers to think there’s a brand or product out there that they need to see before making a decision. Today’s retailers invest in long term partnerships with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Consider sharing with your consumer early in the process on all the steps internally that are taken in the process to ensure consumers that they’re in the right place to fulfill their needs.
  • Promotional Financing Options
    • Normally how to buy comes up after your customer has made a decision to purchase. Retailers have ongoing negotiations with creditors creating the best purchase path value for consumers considering a purchase. Why wait till the end to share with you customer? Sharing early in the process has been known to increase average selling price and accessory attachment. Why wait?
  • Sales Associate Certification
    • Retailers invest in training and educating sales consultants. Consumers welcome an educated sales associate, so why not share your background early in the process?  Consumers are more educated than ever before prior to walking into a store. And when they do in most cases, they’re in the store to seek an associate’s validation on the research journey.  Sharing your background early in the process can only make the consumer confident in your ability to find the right brand or product they’re looking for.


Consider taking a moment and create a consistent message that you can shared early in your consumer engagement. When done correctly, you can overcome some of the more common reasons why potential customers decide to continue their search outside your store today.


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