Have Fun and Never Take Ourselves Too Seriously

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  • calendar Mar 29, 2022
  • clock 2 mins read

The other values are: be entrepreneurial, work with honesty and integrity, embrace change and the learning that change requires, amaze our customers, and demand success in all we do. For some reason those values seem to come easier for me. I think the reason is that I sometimes sacrifice the “fun and NEVER taking myself TOO seriously part” in an attempt to amaze our customers. I have to constantly remind myself to work on having fun and not taking myself too seriously.

When employees are happy and engaged, the positive effects are significant! Researchers at University of Warwick, UK, found evidence of a link between happiness and productivity. The study used comedy to make participants laugh and be happier, which boosted productivity up to 12%. Happiness is also linked with lower turnover rates. Companies with high turnover rates that focused on efforts to boost employee engagement reduces turnover by 24%.

There’s also value in not taking ourselves too seriously. A study conducted by MIT found that when asked to produce ideas on the spot, improv comedians were 25 percent more creative than professional product designers. So loosen up and cut yourself some slack!

Seriously speaking, next time you’re in the midst of an intense project at work and serious you is taking the fun out of the project, take a break. Take a walk, give a friend a call you can laugh with or just go sit outside and smell the fresh air and feel the sun on your face. A new, less intense you, will roll through that project with flying colors!

Mary Jo Liesch (MJ) is Vice President of Business Development with T-ROC, a global retail solutions provider. To learn more about how MJ and T-ROC can work with your brand or manufacturer on innovative solutions, you can reach her at [email protected].


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