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Customer Experience in Digital-Focused Retail

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  • calendar Jun 29, 2021
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One of the trends of the “New Retail” is the increased focus on an omnichannel strategy. As part of this experience, the customer is offered consistent pricing, promotion offers, communications, inventory access, and other services.

According to Retail TouchPoints®, 87 percent of retailers view the creation of a seamless customer experience across all channels as the most critical goal of their omnichannel strategy.


With the importance of providing consistent channels for customers to reach retailers clearly defined, retailers still have to consider the fundamentals of Customer Experience (CX) in order to create conversion to the newly established presence.


Three CX expectations still hold true regardless of where you meet your customer:

  • Focus on the Employees – Customers’ interaction with retailers continue to be led by frontline representatives and sales consultants, even with well designed and accessible online presence, consumers may still have multiple touchpoints with employees (support, order online/pick-up at store, chat, or telephone), well informed and trained reps who are satisfied with their role in the organization create a long-lasting impression of the retailer in the customers’ memory.
  • Focus on Engagement – In physical retail floors, an attentive rep who is engaged with your customer will lead to increased loyalty. As a personal anecdote, I enjoy that while Publix, the U.S. supermarket chain, is a commodity retailer, any time you ask an employee where an item is, they will walk with you to its location, which can lead to additional opportunities to increase a positive Customer Experience. This can be achieved online with dedicated Virtual Reps able to provide information and product suggestions to site visitors.
  • Focus on what customers can do with the product, as opposed to what the product does for the customer – Customer Experience is just that, creating an experience for the customer. Well-trained and customer-focused retailers can help customers understand WHY a product can be a benefit, which is way more important than reciting what features a product has.

In order to meet these expectations, T-ROC has introduced VIBA, the Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador, which is a platform that creates opportunities to provide the traditional physical experience in the online store. VIBA is the only video-based, omnichannel customer experience solution that delivers sales, service, and support experiences whenever, however, and wherever they are needed.


Today we know omnichannel is a requirement to how to meet customers, but we must not forget how to meet their expectations when a customer visits us.


T-ROC partners with global brands and top retailers to deliver great customer experiences as part of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. Our strength is in consultative selling and brand ambassadorship, both in-store and online. With VIBA, we help customers close the gap between online and offline engagements with safe, convenient real-time experiences. To arrange for a demo of VIBA, or to discuss your next international project, email Alvaro Pozo, COO and GM of T-ROC International, [email protected].

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